Sound Bath

All Levels - Low intensity class

The Sound Bath is experienced in a comfortable prone position on your mat. From here you may listen, absorb and experience the vibrations of the sound in the air and in your body. The teacher utilises a number of instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls and gongs. The created tones and vibrations ease you into a profound state of relaxation. The experience of the Sound Bath will produce different reactions in each practitioner. You may remember long forgotten memories; you may find clarity of mind; you may experience new physical sensations or perhaps experience your body in a new way. It’s likely you will also “see” images and kaleidoscopes of color behind your closed eyes. Open yourself to an intense physical, emotional or mental release.

Expect to maintain a gentle resting heart rate in this class.

Sound Bath is suitable for all levels. However, those with conditions such as Epilepsy, Tinnitus and Menieres may be more affected, as well as those with metal implants in the body (e.g. pins, screws, plates, etc).

Please note! Sound Bath is not recommended for people in the first trimester of pregnancy (first 12 weeks) or people with a pacemaker.

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