urban sanctuary

Yyoga was born from the desire to offer a less dogmatic space for practicing yoga, meditation and cultivating mindful living.

We practice a modern and creative approach to the traditional yogic teachings. We teach from the heart, always from our experience, what has worked for us and can be valuable for you, so you can live your best life.

We feed and nurture your senses:
→ Sight: sensitive interior design and calming colours
→ Smell: aromatherapy and essential oils
→ Taste: organic herbal tea before and after classes
→ Touch: earthy materials and textural props
→ Sound: tranquility in the heart of the city

One step inside, and you’ll see what we mean. Re-experience the beauty and magic of life.

You will see Colin and Robbie everywhere at Yyoga: behind the reception desk, teaching in a studio, and preparing tea for students. It’s their story that resulted in the studio and community we all enjoy today.

In their past lives (well, earlier in this one) Robbie was a management consultant and Colin an architect. They are very familiar with the transformative effects of yoga, as it was in a hot yoga class that they met and the dream of opening a different kind of yoga studio in the heart of Brussels was born. 

Like all great partnerships (Sonny and Cher, Fred and Ginger, Laurel and Hardy), one is definitely the yin to the other’s yang (you decide which!). Hopefully that means you will feel at home where approaches, styles and humours are perfectly balanced and complementary.

Our values


The studio was designed and is now run with that ethos – from construction materials and furniture that are recyclable and produced by eco-conscious manufacturers. The products used in the studio are organic or natural and all our electrical appliances are built for low consumption. Our electricity is supplied by a 100% renewable supplier.

Diversity and inclusivity

We aim to show you as many colours and layers of the practice as possible so you can create a holistic experience and find your very own path towards happiness. No matter who you are and where you come from you can be yourself here.

Conscious living

Take your yoga off the mat. We are aware that all of our daily choices have a tremendous impact on our planet and on the lives of other people. We are therefore passionate advocates of sustainability, conscious living and mindful consumption.

It’s our endeavor to tread lightly on the earth, our home for the duration of this life. The evidence of climate change is here. Many yogis believe that no good effort is wasted and that the actions you take and choices you make will impact your happiness. The little things we can do – with you – all count. Join us in our efforts to make choices that are more sustainable, with conscious living and mindful consumption.