Free Online Classes

We’re dedicated to support you through the growth of your practice even if we cannot be together physically. Nurture yourself, breathe, move, release stress, reflect and remember your true essence. ❤️

Vinyasa with Hugo, April 18

Yin Yang with Roz, April 17

Hatha with Adrienne, April 17

Pilates with Marilia, April 16

Vinyasa with Gilles (and Robbie), April 16


Vinyasa with Elke, April 15


Hatha with Roz, April 15

Chair Hatha with Gilles (and Robbie), April 15


Vinyasa with Caroline, April 14


Soft Vinyasa with Roz, April 14

Vinyasa with Laura, April 13


Yin with Matthias, April 13


Hatha with Robbie (and Gilles), April 12


Mantra Meditation with Astrid, April 11

Vinyasa with Laura, April 11

Yin Yang with Hugo, April 10


Hatha with Roz, April 10

Power Flow with Marthy, April 9

Pilates with Kevin, April 9


Vinyasa with Adrienne, April 9

Vinyasa with Elke, April 8


Vinyasa with Monica, April 8

Hatha with Maria, April 7


Hatha with Giulia, April 7

Morning Flow with Jeanette, April 7

Vinyasa with Gilles (and Robbie), April 6

Pilates with Marilia, April 5

Yin with Eeva, April 5

Hatha with Roz, April 5

Pilates with Rafal, April 4

Yin Yang with Matthias, April 3

Hatha with Roz, April 3

Pilates with Marilia, April 2

Vinyasa with Adrienne, April 2

Table Hatha with Giulia, April 1

Hatha with Monica, April 1


Hatha with Giulia, April 1


Hatha with Laura, March 31


Vinyasa with Gilles, March 31


Vinyasa with Laura, March 31

Vinyasa with Elke, March 30


Pilates with Gilles, March 30


Restorative with Colin, March 29




Hatha with Monica, March 29

Mindfulness with Eeva, March 28


Vinyasa with Jeanette, March 28


Yin Yang with Hugo, March 27

Hatha with Roz, March 27

Pilates with Marilia, March 26

Vinyasa with Robbie, March 26

Vinyasa with Laura, March 26

Vinyasa with Gilles, March 25

Hatha with Monica, March 25

Detox Flow with Marthy, March 25

Hatha with Giulia, March 24

Vinyasa with Caroline, March 24

Prenatal Yoga with Marthy, March 24

Vinyasa with Matthias, March 24

Vinyasa with Gilles, March 23

Pilates with Kevin, March 23

Yin Yoga with Eeva, March 22

Hatha with Gilles, March 22

Dharma Talk with Lindsey, March 21

Vinyasa with Charis, March 21

Vinyasa with Heidi, March 21

Yin Yang with Hugo, March 20

Pilates with Marilia, March 20

Hatha with Roz, March 19

Vinyasa with Adrienne, March 19

Hatha with Laura, March 18

Vinyasa with Hugo, March 17