We’re dedicated to support you through the growth of your practice even if we cannot be together physically. Nurture yourself, breathe, move, release stress, reflect and remember your true essence. ❤️

Put on the SPF 50+ and take your favourite poses to the great outdoors! Realign your chakras outside, change your vibration and embrace a brand new season with openness, courage and love!
Outdoor yoga is a great chance to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Benefit from the healing effects of being in nature and have some fun with like-minded practitioners.
Check out Mindbody for details — and weather-related changes — before you head to class. Classes cost 10 EUR each and require advance registration as space is limited.
Beginners are welcome! Don’t forget to bring your mat and water bottle! See you in the park Yyogis!
1. Login to your Yyoga account through the website and sign up for your preferred class
2. Use your Mindbody APP
3. Send an email to
Click here to check our meeting point in BRUSSELS

Starting Wednesday May 6 all our classes will be offered via ZOOM giving participants a more flexible platform to interact, connect and share. All classes will be FREE, yet donations are welcome. These interactive sessions are FREE – donations are welcome. Classes end with a brief Question & Answer. Check out our schedule here or use your Mindbody app.

Get ready to roll out the mat yogis!

Preparing for a successful online class via Zoom

1. Download Zoom from the APP store or (click here)

2. Sign up for class in MINDBODY through your Yyoga account, or via your app. Make sure you are booked in at least 30 minutes before the start time.

3. Once booked into class you will get an email with the online access code and link 10-20 minutes before the class starts.

4. Click on the zoom link in that email to join class. This will connect you to the live class ready to practice.

5. If you don’t see the online access email, check your spam/junk and even trash folder.

6. If clicking on the Zoom link doesn’t work, open the Zoom app, and from the home screen, click “join,” then enter the meeting ID number.

7. Set up your mat about 3 meters away from your computer screen / mobile camera. Have some basic props ready. Look for creative substitutes if something is missing!

8. Enjoy your practice!


Should you experience any problem, please call

Back in March, we were thrilled to bring you Yyoga Live. Since the launch we have offered more than 100+ classes with your favourite teachers and created a library that is accessible to all.

These online classes have been essential to helping us all feel more grounded, supported and connected to others. We keep offering free classes on ZOOM – donations are welcome.

Note that you do not need a Facebook account to access the Facebook Live Library 😉

We are so humbled by the love and support we received from you all. So many of you have contacted us offering to help, donated and sent us loving messages. We have been truly moved by your concerns, support, loyalty and care. Thank you.

For those who would like to support us, there are a number of great ways to do so:

1. Keep practicing
The best way you can help is to keep practicing with us in the virtual space and taking online classes. This way you stay connected to our studios and teachers AND above all you take care of yourself, staying happy and healthy.

2. Donations
We appreciate your help and welcome any donation you can afford to make in this time – all proceeds will go to supporting your teachers and our studio staff. We are forever grateful for your support throughout this period. Click the image to learn about ‘How to make donations?’

3. Gift vouchers
Give the gift of Yyoga to your friends and loved ones near and far. These gift vouchers are valid for product purchases in our Online Shop or can be used for future yoga passes.

4. Spread the word
Spread the word. Share our classes and posts on social media. Invite your friends, loved ones and colleagues to our free classes and practice together in the virtual space. Experience the power of coming together!

We appreciate your help and welcome any donation you can afford to make in this time – all proceeds will go to supporting your teachers and our studio staff.

Direct Donation w/ Credit Card

Direct Donation w/ Debit Card – Payconiq

Download the Payconiq App, connect your debit card and scan the QR code below and choose your amount.

Click here to see how it works

Donation w/ Your YYOGA Account

We’ve created four specially-priced Drop-Ins for online classes:

– 5 EUR
– 10 EUR
– 20 EUR
– 50 EUR

You can purchase one or several classes.

You can do it from the Mindbody App on your smartphone (click here for tutorial) or from your computer (click here for tutorial)