We Celebrate the Diversity of Yoga

Yyoga is a contemporary yoga studio located in the heart of the European capital. It is the first studio of its kind in Belgium.

We are committed to adapting the ancient practices of yoga to the needs of modern life. Offering more than forty classes a week in a variety of styles, we honor the diversity of yoga while creating a warm environment for people to experience, share and grow.

We aspire to serve our community by offering a beautiful urban sanctuary and inspired teaching. We believe in the power of community and in practicing yoga together towards a greater goal.

Our international team of teachers share our goal of offering a safe place for your practice to evolve and your mind to stay open.

Our Values

We are aware that our daily choices have a tremendous impact on our planet and on the lives of other people. We are therefore passionate advocates of sustainability, conscious living and mindful consumption.


Yoga is a holistic system seeking union between mind, body and breath.


Yoga is a holistic system seeking union between mind, body and breath. Sustainability is the foundation of our studio. Our long-term vision was to embrace the full life cycle of the project, from birth to the completion of the studio. All construction materials and furniture are recyclable and/or produced in Europe by eco-conscious manufacturers. We promote a conscious lifestyle by using organic or natural products from our mat wash and shower soap to the tea we serve.

Yyoga is an architecturally designed environment created by a combining natural materials with state-of-the-art technology.

We began with the desire to bring harmony between our outer and inner worlds. We believe that the external space we inhabit and use has a massive impact on our internal space; our happiness and well-being are affected by our environment. These are the founding principles that make our studio unique.


We buy our electricity from a 100% green energy supplier. From the vacuum cleaner to the ventilation units, all of our machines, appliances and lighting are built for low consumption.


Supporting various offshore and land windmill projects…

It’s a fact that Belgium is very much dependent on nuclear power. However, we decided to work with a supplier that reinvests all of its profits into green energy projects. So in other words, together with you, we are supporting various offshore and land windmill projects. Let’s hope that very soon our studio will be powered by 100% solar and wind energy.


Natural, eco-friendly and recyclable materials…

We used only natural, eco-friendly and recyclable materials: FSC/PEFC wood, steel, plasterboard, insulation, non-toxic paint and even cradle2cradle Tiles in the showers. Last but not least, all materials are coming from the EU: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Austria and The Netherlands...


When it comes to sustainable development we have to anticipate future changes


Our beautiful yoga studio was an art gallery yesterday and might be something else tomorrow. When it comes to sustainable development we also have to anticipate future changes. Therefore, we designed our studio in such way that the construction materials are entirely removable and recyclable the day we move out.


Bamboo flooring…

Both of our yoga rooms feature bamboo flooring. Bamboo is not only an eco-friendly, highly renewable source of material, its unique characteristics allow it to resist to high humidity and temperature variation. Ok, we know that bamboo grows mostly in China, but we carefully selected an ISO-14001 manufacturer so it’s as green as it gets!


We like to give materials a second life, so our desk is made of reclaimed wood and our shelves are all recycled. They have style and history!

Our elegant pure steel coffee tables come from Italy and are 100% recyclable. The custom made 100% natural wool carpet as well as the window blinds are even produced in Belgium!

But our inspiring lounge would not be the same without the amazing Rock Cushions. These unique poufs are handmade with the finest Merino wool. Even better, all products used for their production are eco-friendly.


We believe that each detail matter so our furniture take also part to the concept.

Water, Fire
and Air

Our studio uses state-of-the-art Radiant Heating Panels. This heating system represents the latest technology and contributes to the reduction of CO2- and greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean air that is full of oxygen is a fundamental requirement for our yoga practice too. Our ventilation system provides fresh air before, during and after your practice.

We recycle the water from our dryer to clean and all our appliances are low water consumption. We try to print as little as possible but all our prints are made on 100% recycled paper, and we add a little extra to have Carbon Neutral certificate… we love our planet so much.


We save up to 40% energy ...

Our heating panels can often cut energy consumption whether gas or electric by up to 40%. Moreover, the panels are manufactured by our amazing neighbors in Germany.


Clean air that is full of oxygen is a fundamental requirement for our yoga practice


Low-energy ventilation…

Our ventilation system operates silently without adding any distracting noise. In addition, our system is a low-energy ventilation solution and preheats the fresh air thanks to a heat exchanger. Our ventilation units features the lowest energy consumption on the market today. Furthermore, they are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Our recipe for a 100ml homemade mat wash

  • 70ml tap water (or re-used from the dryer)
  • 30ml organic white vinegar
  • 5 drops of tea tree essential oils
  • 5 drops of lemongrass essential oils
  • 5 drops of lavandin essential oils


We care about your skin, that’s why we provide the amazing Dr Bronner soap in the showers. Don’t panic, it’s organic!

Our studio uses mostly environmentally friendly cleaning products for all the studio cleaning. They are plant based and thus can biodegrade very efficiently.

We keep our rental mats clean by using a natural disinfectant made of plant based products and essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavandin, thyme, clove or lemongrass. This mixture naturally accelerates the germ-killing processes and is completely harmless to our body or environment.