Do I need to book?  

Due to limited class size, we encourage you to pre-register online via Mindbody. For more info about booking, please read the Registration Policies below.


Do I need to present a Covid Safe Ticket? 

Starting from October 15, 2021 students attending our indoor classes must show a one-time proof of vaccination, recovery or a valid PCR or antigen test. Masks will no longer be needed within our studio walls.


What if I’m not vaccinated?

Don’t worry! You can still continue your practice! You will be asked to present a valid test each time you come to practice or follow the online classes from the comfort of your home.


What if I’m vaccinated?

You’ll be requested to present your digital certificate using the Covid Safe App, and we’ll update your status on your profile. Once you’re verified you will not need to show proof for every class. You can begin to show this proof of vaccination immediately to make things smoother and easier for everyone.


Will you keep the online classes?

We realise that the online classes (live or recorded) really work for some people and so we will continue offering these sessions for now. We will live-stream most of our in-studio classes and recordings will be available for 72 hours. Remember that you always have the option to practice with us in person at the studio.


Is the capacity reduced?  

The capacity of the room is limited in order to respect a proper distance between participants.


Is there ventilation in the rooms?  

As always, we guarantee a constant ventilation in the rooms. The fresh air pushed into the room is filtered and we also installed CO2 detectors to monitor the air quality.


Are the changing rooms and showers accessible?  

Yes, they are again accesible.


Do I need to wear a face mask?

Face masks are mandatory in the shop. As of October 15, 2021, upon presentation of a valid Covid Safe Ticket, masks are not mandatory anymore.


Do you have any intro specials for newcomers?

Currently we offer two packages for new students to our studio. Students can choose one or the other (can’t have both passes).

Starter Pas – 29 EUR
Validity: 15 days
Receive 5 classes and attend any classes (in-studio / online) on our schedule

Welcome Pass – 59 EUR
Validity: 30 days
Receive unlimited access to all our classes (in-studio / online)


Do you sell unlimited packages?

Yes, our unlimited studio passes are back! Check out our current pass options and packages here.



We are committed to ensuring class sizes are the most ideal for your practice and learning; and so we will never overbook a class. Our policies were created with the intention of giving everyone a fair opportunity to get into class and emphasizing the commitment that is made when booking a class.
You can sign up online through our website or download our free mobile app to reserve your spot. Help a fellow yogi out and cancel your reservation on time, if you can’t make it to class.

Please honor your commitment and show up for your reservation. Thank you!


7 days – Booking

Online pre-registration opens 7 days prior to class and closes 30 minutes before class.


4 Hours – Class Cancellations

Please note that our Cancellation Window is 4 hours. We have the following cancellation categories:

  • Early Cancellations: class bookings that are cancelled before the Cancelation window, online only. Phone and email cancellations are not taken. If you are using your class pass or bought a single class, your class will be returned to your account for future use.
  • Late Cancellations: any cancellations made outside the Cancellation Window.
  • No-shows: class reservations that are neither used nor cancelled.


5 Minutes – Check-in

If you haven’t checked in for class 5 minutes before the start time, your space may be released to a fellow yogi who is on the standby list.


Booking Fee
If you cancel your class outside the cancellation window, the following booking fees will be applied

  • Members: 12 EUR will be charged to your account through our scheduling system. You’ll need to settle this fee on your next visit.
  • Class Pass Holders: One class will be deducted from your pass.
  • Unlimited Intro Pass Holders: for your first two cancellations, 2 EUR will be charged to your account through our scheduling system. From third cancellation, 12 EUR will be charged. You need to settle this fee on your next visit.


Continued Late Cancellations and No-Shows
Please note that 2 or more cumulative “Late Cancellations” and / or “No-Shows” over 1 month period result in:

  • All your future scheduled classes will be early cancelled;
  • Your booking privileges being revoked for 1 month. Though you cannot book online, your pass is still valid.
  • Once you settled your outstanding cancellation fees, your booking rights will be reinstated.


Online Waitlist

When a class is full, we hold a number of spots on the waitlist for those who would like to practice. If you are moved from the waitlist into class, you will receive an email notification / text message confirming your reservation at least 4 hours before class starts. We will not move you from the waitlist into class after the Cancellation Window. If you have not received a notification 4 hours before the class begins, you can still try to attend the class as a drop-in student.

Make sure you are opted in to receive updates for your reservation. Go to your account, select ‘Account management’. Ensure that ‘Reminders and schedule changes’ subscriptions box is ticked in order to receive emails and text notifications.

Keep in mind that being on the waitlist for class is considered a commitment to joining that class. Be sure to check your waitlist status prior to class, and remove yourself from the list in a timely manner if you know you will not make it.

Our notification emails are automated, make sure your email provider does not send them in your spam, junk or other inboxes.



If class is fully booked a Standby List will open on a first-come first-served basis. In case of no-shows or cancellations, the standby students will be added to class. There are no phone or email reservations for the Standby List, and your physical body must be here to be considered.





  • Registration: Due to limited class size, all students must pre-register online via Mindbody.
  • Before Class: Check-in opens 20 min before class time. As always, please arrive on time.
  • After Class: Please leave the studio respectfully and maintain the appropriate physical distance.
  • Class Cancellation: If less than 5 students are signed up 4 hours prior to a class, it might be cancelled. Students will be notified by email or text message about the cancellation.
  • 1,5m Between Students: 1,5m of separation need to be maintained between students before, during, and after classes. We will do this by marking designated mat spaces on the floor as well as spaces on the floor to control the check-in process.
  • Prop Usage: We offer studio props, however, you’re welcome to bring your own equipment to class.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations inside the studio.
  • Fresh Air and Ventilation: We will keep the practice room doors and windows open. Our air ventilation system will be constantly on to ensure additional fresh air.
  • Changing Rooms: They are open and you can use the showers.
  • Lounge and Common Areas: Can only be used for waiting before your class – not after. Please respect proper distancing. We will not serve tea at this time.
  • Face Masks: Face masks are no longer mandatory in our studio.
  • Sickness: Please stay home if you’re sick. Take the time to recover. You can always follow our online classes to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.



  • Registration: All students must pre-register online via Mindbody. Outdoor classes may be booked up to 7 days in advance.
  • Location: Please visit our outdoor studio page, check your reservation confirmation email / Mindbody for exact meeting points and GPS coordinates.
  • Before Class: Please arrive on time. Come to class fully dressed and ready for practice.
  • Yoga Mat: We ask you to bring your own mat.
  • Prop usage: Outdoor classes are usually taught without props. You can always bring your own props for additional support.
  • 1,5m Between Students: 1,5m of separation need to be maintained between mats during class.
  • Class Cancellation and Changes: Please check your inbox, mobile phone and Mindbody for weather-related changes before you head to class.
  • If less than 4 students are signed up 12 hours prior to a class, it will be cancelled and students will be notified.



  • Registration: All students need to pre-register online via Mindbody. Make sure that you sign up for your preferred class no later than 15 minutes before start time. Please get in touch, should you experience any technical issues.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you cannot make it to the online class, please cancel at least 15 min before start of class.
  • ZOOM: Classes are taught via ZOOM. Read the text below to learn more about how to prepare for a successful online class.
  • Recordings: Students receive 72-hour access to unlimited replays. Link to class recordings are emailed to participants usually within 12 hours after class.

Preparing for an online class via Zoom:

1. Download Zoom on the APP store or Google Play.2. Sign up for class in Mindbody through your Yyoga account, or via your app. Make sure you are booked in at least 15 minutes before the start time.

3. Once booked into class you will get an email with the online access code and link +/- 10 minutes before the class starts.

4. Click on the zoom link in that email to join class. This will connect you to the live class ready to practice.

5. If you don’t see the online access email, check your spam/junk and even trash folder.

6. If clicking on the Zoom link doesn’t work, open the Zoom app, and from the home screen, click “join,” then enter the meeting ID number.

7. Set up your mat about 3 meters away from your computer screen / mobile camera. Remember that using your camera is optional.

8. Have some basic props ready. Look for creative substitutes if something is missing!

9. Enjoy your practice!




By using our website and making purchases in our studio or online you agree to all terms and conditions.

1. All prices are in euros (EUR).

2. All our packages, memberships and access to studio expire according to type of pass and date of purchase.

3. All our packages, memberships and access to studio are non-transferable from one student to another.

4. Packages and memberships can only be used for regular scheduled yoga classes excluding special workshops, courses and events.

5. Access to studio includes access to lounge, library, tea, changing rooms, showers, lockers, practice rooms, studio accessories, props, equipment, self-practice sessions and special events for members. It cannot be used used for attending classes, workshops, courses and events.

6. Unless otherwise stated, you can cancel your workshop reservation up until 4 weeks before the event. In case of cancellation a 20% fee will be charged, studio Credit will be given. A late cancellation or no-show will be counted as attendance and the workshop fee will be charged on your account.

7. Unless otherwise stated, you can cancel your retreat reservation up until 1 month before the event. In case of cancellation a 30% fee will be charged, studio Credit will be given. A late cancellation or no-show will be fully charged.

8. Unless otherwise stated, you can cancel your training reservation up until 1 month before the event. In case of cancellation a 30% fee will be charged, studio Credit will be given. A partial attendance or unnotified absence to the training does not entitled to a full or partial refund. Training cancellation with medical certificate: a doctor’s certificate must be provided with the request (Certificat d’interruption d’activité: incapacité de pratiquer du sport/gymnastique – Verklaring van arbeidsonderbreking: onbekwaamheid om aan sport/turnlessen deel te nemen). All requests must be sent by email or registered mail maximum 2 weeks after the starting date on the certificate. Certificate must specify a starting and an end date for the inability to practice sport. Backdated certificates will not be accepted. The pause must be minimum 3 months. In case of medical cancellation before training, a 30% fee will be charged. In case of medical cancellation during training, enrollment cost will be reimbursed prorated to its usage, an additional 30% fee will be charged.

9. No refunds on any purchases. This includes drop-in classes, studio packages, memberships, access to studio, gift cards and retail purchases. Workshop and course deposits and payments are non-refundable as well, unless otherwise stated.

10. Studio Credit will be given for items purchased in our shop and returned within 14 days with receipt. Studio Credit must be used within 60 days of returning the items.

11. If purchasing memberships that require payments to be made in installments, the applicant agrees to approve such installments be made by credit card on the dates as predetermined in the services contract.

12. For any personal reasons, all Yyoga members may pause their membership, pass or access to studio for a minimum period of 7 days and maximum of 1 month. Requests should be emailed to the studio prior to desired date of membership pause. Do not apply to Promotion and Special Offer, see Art. 20.

Membership pause fees:
– Students with Monthly passes: 30 EUR fee /pause.
– Students with 3-month, 6-month & 12-month passes: 50 EUR fee, with a maximum of 1 pause per pass.

13. Membership hold with medical certificate: all Yyoga members may pause their membership, pass or access to studio. A doctor’s certificate must be provided with the request (Certificat d’interruption d’activité: incapacité de pratiquer du sport/gymnastique – Verklaring van arbeidsonderbreking: onbekwaamheid om aan sport/turnlessen deel te nemen). All requests must be sent by email or registered mail maximum 2 weeks after the starting date on the certificate. Certificate must specify a starting and an end date for the inability to practice sport. Backdated certificates will not be accepted. The pause must be minimum 1 month. If the Pass pause (one or cumulative certificates) exceeds 6 months, the pass or membership will be cancelled and reimbursed prorated to its usage. Do not apply to Promotion and Special Offer, see Art. 20. In case of membership hold with medical certificate’s request, Promotion and Special Offer will be converted into regular Pass or Card. A 20 EUR administration fee will apply for any medical pause.

14. Packages and memberships must be activated within 60 days from the date of the purchase. Any classes remaining when your pass expires may be transferred on a one-off basis when purchasing a new pass. Such a transfer from a 5-class or 10-class pass can only be done within 2 months from the date the pass was purchased. Do not apply to Promotion and/or Special Offer, see Art. 20.

15. Gift voucher must be used within 6 months from the date of the purchase.

16. All services purchased from Yyoga must be preceded by the applicant acknowledging, by way of completing a waiver form, that he/she has no physical limitations preventing him/her from participation.

17. All applicants under 18 years of age must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

18. All applicants and members agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the studio.

19. All applicants and members release Yyoga, its owners, directors, managers and all employees of all liability regarding 1) any injury to self or child 2) any loss or damage to personal property.

20. Special terms apply for Promotions and Special Offers:
– A limited number of passes are available
– Passes are available for purchase for a limited time
– All classes on the pass must be used before specified expiry date
– Valid for any regular class on the schedule
– Late cancellation and/or No-show are deducted from the pass
– Passes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, remaining classes on the pass cannot be transferred and validity cannot be extended. Contact us for further details.

21. For any special request, Yyoga may charge a 20 EUR administration fee.

22. In case of Online purchase cancelation a 15% fee will be deducted.

23. Theft/attempted theft on studio premises will result in immediate cancellation of pass privileges without any compensation and potential prosecution.

24. Lost and found items are kept for one week then will be donated to charity.

25. For any special request or other information, please contact An answer will be given to you within 7 days.

26. Yyoga reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions and prices at our discretion. If we make any significant change to this policy, we will provide notice of the changes on this website.



1. If everything in your order is in stock, we’ll aim to send it out within maximum 3 days. If something is out of stock, we’ll wait until we have everything here to send in one parcel (this is more economical and helps to keep our carbon footprint down).

2. Once your order has been accepted we will deliver the goods to you no later than 20 days from acceptance unless we have notified you and agreed a longer delivery timeframe.

3. Please note that we are not responsible for delays outside our control. If our supply of the products is delayed by an event outside our control then we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know.

4. Products may vary slightly from their pictures. The images of the products are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the colours accurately, we cannot guarantee that a device’s display of the colours accurately reflects the colour of the products. Your product may vary slightly from those images.

Delivery and Shipping

Parcels (up to 3kg) will be delivered by signed for courier service with delivery usually within 5-10 working days after your order has been processed. These delivery times are provided for guidance only and are not guaranteed.

EU Orders

1. Our standard delivery fee (up to 3kg) is €‌6.00 for all EU orders below €‌100.00

2. Free Belgium delivery over €‌100.00 (up to 3kg)

3. For larger parcels (> 3kg) please email us for a delivery quotation. Price depends on total weight and order volume.

Orders outside the EU

1. Charges are calculated on our site and are based on the overall weight and volume of your order. Delivery generally takes 14 working days after your order has been processed (although this isn’t guaranteed). Please email us for a delivery quotation.

2. General advice: International deliveries outside the EU may be subject to customs clearance. These charges can include import duty, handling fees, local taxes and other costs. Yyoga is not responsible for these costs or for any delays caused by Customs or other government authorities.

Returns and Refunds

1. Yyoga will credit or exchange all sales of goods within 14 days with a valid receipt if they are unused / unopened and in saleable condition.

2. Yoga mats can only be returned if they are unopened and still in their original packaging.

3. All sale items are final sales.


Yyoga takes all reasonable steps to protect your personal information, however we cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose online. By using the Yyoga website you accept the inherent security implications of dealing online and will not hold Yyoga responsible for any breach of security unless such breach has been caused by Yyoga’s negligence. If you currently receive marketing information from us which you wish to cancel, please email us.

Last update 20/10/2021