Styles: Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, 
Hot Flow, 
Yin Yang
, Yoga Wall, 
Chair Yoga, 
Meditation & Yoga Nidra, Myofascial release, 
Prenatal Yoga & 
Postnatal Yoga

Tessa is trained in Vinyasa Flow, Pre+Post Natal Yoga and is currently following an advanced training for manual therapists in Structural Integration Fascial BodyWork with Anatomy Trains. She is fascinated by the many ways in which the body organises itself in space and how, through a combination of yoga, functional movement, and myofascial release, we can gradually unwind harmful patterns and create an improved sense of balance and alignment.

Practice with Tessa


Tessa discovered yoga in 2011 while getting her master’s degree at the University of Miami. After graduation, she took her initial training with Frog Lotus Yoga in Bali, and began teaching at Yyoga shortly afterwards in March of 2014. Since then she has continued to grow and explore her practice, receiving a pre- and post- natal yoga certification from Open Sky Yoga in 2015 and a 500-hour vinyasa yoga certification in 2017 with Frog Lotus Yoga. During these trainings she was exposed to the work of Tom Myers, founder of Anatomy Trains, marking the beginning of her fascination with fascia. In 2019 she began the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) program and has been learning ever since.

Tessa’s knowledge of human anatomy, coupled with her vast experience teaching movement via yoga, provide her with an in-depth understanding of the function of the human body. This allows her to assess and intelligently sequence her classes in order to gradually unfold and unwind any patterns in the body that may be causing strain. In her teachings, Tessa combines techniques from various styles of yoga and schools of movement education in order to erase the symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle, improve movement function, decrease or eliminate chronic pain, and ultimately lead the practitioner towards a more easeful, balanced, and serene state of body and mind.
Tessa is also a certified Deep Tissue Massage Therapist.