Styles: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga & Hot Flow

Charis is American by birth and Belgian by choice. She fell in love with yoga (at Yyoga!) in 2014, and began teaching there in 2015.

Her classes have been described as “yoga jazz” by students – fun, challenging and full of improvisation. Charis loves the syncopation between the freedom in accepting how you are in any given moment of practice – and the expertise/momentum required to deepen and change your practice. The playfulness between acceptance and growth is one of her favorite aspects of yoga.

Practice with Charis


She believes that if something isn’t making you happy, you need to change how you’re doing it.

Her practice is informed by her training in photography (open your eyes: who are you in this present moment?), psychology (how does your story inform your practice?) and dance (how will you become who you want to be?)

Yoga has been used in her own life to fight depression, to alleviate back pain, and to help her be more healthy and present through different phases of life : love, loss, health, injury, pain, pregnancy, postpartum… Ultimately she believes that in making us more kind, strong, flexible and self aware, yoga makes us more human. And she can’t wait to meet you.

When Charis is not at Yyoga she can be found flirting with a very kind, very handsome French man, mothering two sweet, crazy babies, and making out with a little dog.