“The wild child of Yoga“ – What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Introduction to Jivamukti Yoga

with Janna

This workshop is designed for everybody who wants to get to know Jivamukti Yoga. It doesn’t matter if you are already practicing in another tradition for a while, if you are completely new to yoga or if you want to delve deeper into the knowledge of the Jivamukti method.

Designed by Sharon Gannon and David Life in the 1980ies in NYC, Jivamukti Yoga is today a world-wide renowned yoga method with centers in more than 20 countries. Jivamukti Yoga means „liberation while living“ and is defined as a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings. The Jivamukti Method is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word asana as “seat, connection” – relationship to the Earth – and thus emphasizes spiritual activism, animals rights and environmentalism. Jivamukti yoga is a physically demanding practice with a base in vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga yoga and the open classes are always enriched by uplifting music. That is why Jivamukti Yoga is also known as the „wild child of yoga“.

In this workshop we will in many practical and theoretical exercises learn the basic principles of Jivamukti Yoga and study the 5 tenets of the tradition: ahimsa (non-violence), bhakti (devotion), dhyana (meditation), nada (sound) and shastra (study of the scriptures). We will also look at the parts of typical Open and Basic classes, learn a Sun Salutation exploring the principles of vinyasa krama (ordered sequence) and open up the space for all your questions.



April 13, 2019

@14.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 35€

A Yoga Based Workout Series

Strong & Sexy

with Tessa

Summer is coming and we are bringing sexy back! Tone, sculpt, and get ready to break a sweat with Tessa in this four part work out program. Through out this series we will combine yoga postures with resistance and strength training, in order to build strength, muscle endurance, and stability in the body. We will also explore techniques which you can add to your routine, either solo or in group classes, to build strength and add longevity to your practice.
Each 90 minute session will offer a full body work out with a special focus, as well as a warm up, cool down and relaxation. Variations will be offered to accommodate all fitness levels.

So whether you’re looking to dust of your summer body or strengthen your yoga practice, we’ve got you covered!



April 27, 2019 – Legs and Glutes
@9.30 – Sun Room – 90’ – 20€

May 4, 2019 – Abs and Lower Back
@9.30 – Sun Room – 90’ – 20€

May 11, 2019 – Shoulders, Arms and Upper Body
@9.30 – Sun Room – 90’ – 20€

May 18, 2019 – Special Yoga Wall Full Body Workout
@9.30 – Moon Room – 90’ – 20€

Book all sessions for 69€

Adopt a New Lifestyle

The Wellness Workout

with Goedele Leyssen

In contrast to a habit, a ritual is something that you do with attention and intention. Therefore it has more value and meaning, the impact on your life is also much bigger.
At the end of April the fourth book of author, yogi & healthy lifestyle expert Goedele Leyssen will be launched. ‘De Wellness Formula’ is about morning, evening and day rituals.
We invite you to receive more insight about her philosophy; what it takes to become happier, healthier and to include some rituals in your daily life.
What to expect?

Goedele will share the Wellness Circle, the model she developed. She’ll give you more tools to keep the promises you make to yourself and to help you break the patterns we often feel trapped into.

You’ll be introduced to a 24-hour Wellness formula through various lifestyle aspects; a powerful gratitude ritual, efficient warm-up exercises to take home, a stretching ritual for a flexible body, breathing exercises, visualisation techniques, nutrition advices… And we will conclude the workshop with a well-deserved and healing relaxation moment.
Cherry on the cake, get a discount on the purchase of the book if you attend the workshop.


Workshop in Dutch


May 19, 2019

@14.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 50€

Discover the Secrets of the Upside Down World

Introduction to Handstand

with Christina

This workshop will smoothly introduce you to the world of inverting, safely and progressively. We will revisit the classics (headstand and/or forearm stand) and use them as tools to study good foundation and understanding of the inverted body. Using the above as common ground we will lastly build our way up to handstand, paying attention on efficient alignment and technique to render the upside down experience effortless.

We will make use of the wall as well as spotters throughout the entire workshop to ensure our safety and train our eye for verticallity. This class will provide you with a variety of tools, easy to apply in your own practice if you wish to master your inversions.

Open to everyone who is comfortable in attempting crow pose (bakasana) and headstand against the wall.

Maximum of 14 participants!

About Christina

Christina discovered handstands 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with this practice that keeps her challenged and always thirsty for more. Having practiced a variety of sports, the amount of detail and beauty she encountered in the upside down world has kept her body and mind occupied with learning and exploring ever since. Starting to invert as an adult, with no previous acrobatic experience, she had to overcome the fear as well as the feeling of incapability that we are often faced with when it comes to standing on our hands. She now feels grateful to have found ways to safely guide others through this same, empowering and super fun path!



May 25, 2019

@14.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 50€

Feel the Love

With Pradeep Teotia

For the fifth time, Pradeep is visiting us with his smile and incredible positive energy. Come and celebrate what you have, create a more powerful life experience, improve your courage, confidence and patience, get a strong and stable core for centered movement, find a balanced strength throughout the upper and lower body, build strength and flexibility, and improve your breath connection to increase endurance and receptivity.

About Pradeep


Born in India, Pradeep Teotia has been practicing yoga his entire life and has been teaching for over a decade.
Pradeep developed his unique, distinctive style of yoga called Original Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion). An amazing workout for the body, mind and spirit, this style of yoga has made him a well-known and popular teacher across the US and around the globe.
He is based in San Francisco where he teaches. Pradeep participates at yoga festivals, organises workshops and retreats around the world. He is a unique soul that embodies the openness of California and the ancient spirituality of India.

For more information about Pradeep visit www.pradeepyoga.com.



June 14 – Open Your Heart
@19.00 – Sun Room – 120’ – 40 €

June 15 – Ground Yourself and Stand Taller
@10.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 45 €

June 16 – Detox Flow
@11.30 – Sun Room – 180’ – 45 €

More details


Open Your Heart

It comes down to the strength at your heart. In this challenging & opening the heart flow, Pradeep invites you to go deep within – within your center, your body, your spirit. And true to Pradeep style, in this practice we will access that core through multiple creative flow sequences, postures, and his gentle words of encouragement. This practice might become one you return to, over and over.

Ground Yourself and Stand Taller!

We’ve all had those days, when what we’re yearning for in our yoga practice is to look within, to go deeper, breathe in every moment. This class is a departure from Pradeep’s typical energetic vinyasa flow classes, and instead invites you to tap into your internal focus and explore the ever-elusive concept of balance.

We will move through several balance poses – if you fall out, don’t get discouraged! It’s all about returning to the breath. Although unique in style, this class remains at Pradeep-level intensity and will be invigorating for advanced beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Empower Detox Flow!

All levels of practitioners will enjoy the benefits of this workshop. Pradeep’s very approachable manner lends to an ease in his teaching style, which draws many students from different disciplines. Mixed Levels, a mindfulness Bhakti flow class.

Join Pradeep Teotia for an awakening of the heart and spirit! Celebrate joy and passion in your practice through opening and listening to what’s inside. By breathing deeper into poses, you can start shifting compassion from your mat into the rest of your life. Blend pranayama, asana, music and sweat to build strength and flexibility while letting go of struggle.

“I hope you have an opportunity to come experience the opportunity to track subtle shifts or extraordinary transformation.”

Slow down and bring awareness to your eating habits

The Art of Mindful Eating

with Caroline Baerten and Nicolas Decloedt

Take your yoga off the mat and learn how bringing consciousness to the table can alter the ways in which you experience food! Through the enjoyment of a tasting menu, we will reconnect with our physical sensations, awaken our five senses, and bring awareness to the sources of our nourishment! Join us at Humus x Hortense for a flavourful four course plant based meal that is guaranteed to stimulate and satisfy your mind, body and taste buds!

Meet Caroline Baerten

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

– Schulz

Nutritionist, registered dietician, qualified chef, psychotherapist and the founder of MeNu (Centre for Mindful eating and Nutrition).

Caroline has always been fascinated with the way human beings have sought to express, define and understand themselves and the world.This, paired with her culinary curiosity (which was professionalized by a training as a chef and nutritionist) led Caroline to realise the impact that “nourishment” could have on our health and well being. This would be the beginning of her journey into Mindful eating!

Since, Caroline has followed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trainers-education at The Center for Mindfulness (Umass, USA). In 2009 she was trained in the United States by key figures in the area of Mindful eating : J. Kristeller and Char Wilkins, ‘Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Therapy’ (MB-EAT). Later she came in touch with Jan Chozen Bays, who is now invited yearly – together with Char Wilkins – to facilitate a professional “Mindful Eating, Conscious Living’ (ME-CL) in Europe, Belgium.

To deepen her mindfulness practice, she is a student of zenteacher Thich Nhat Hanh and follows dharma study at the Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany. Her meditation background encompasses a wide field of experiences in both Burmese Vipassana tradition, Japanese Zen Buddhism (Great Vow Zen monastery led by Jan Chozen Bays and Hogen Bays, Roshi) and Tibetan Buddhism (under guidance of Daniel Brown, PhD)

About Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is about slowing down to become aware of your eating habits, the sensory and physical sensations you experience during mealtime and the thoughts and emotions that are often present while eating. It is not a diet or ‘mindful weight loss program’. It is about acceptance of who we are, no matter the body size or physical condition.

“…a way of paying attention
that is taught through the practice of meditation or other exercises,
in which participants learn to regulate their attention
by focusing non-judgementally
on stimuli such as thoughts, emotions
and physical sensations.”

– Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness



Humus & Hortense Restaurant
2 rue de vergnies straat
1050 brussels


June 16, 2019

@11.30 – Humus & Hortense – 240’ – 80€

Bring the Philosophy to your Practice

Yoga Philosophy On The Mat

with Vijay Gopala

The Yoga Sutras are a prolific collection of ancient texts outlining practical philosophy and practice of Yoga. A sage,Patanjali explained Yoga in a coded language. Earlier texts include the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Upanishads. We will follow the connection between your practice and the Yoga philosophy explained in classical these texts.



June 17, 2019

@18.30 – Water Room – 90’ – 30€

Breathe and let the Energy Flow

Pranayama, Expression Of Life Energy

with Vijay Gopala

Pranayama is the practice of controlling breath and establishing connection with prana, the vital life force. Ancient Indian scriptures declare excellent breathing techniques can better purify and balance inner energies with existential expressions of life.



June 18, 2019

@15.00 – Sun Room – 90’ – 30€

Embark on an exciting journey to Sicily, the island of sun and culinary pleasures.

Spirit of Sicily Yoga Retreat

Join Monica and jump into summertime with Yyoga as we embark on an exciting journey to Sicily, the island of sun and culinary pleasures.

Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practices. Nourish your senses and mind with a variety of activities: discover the island of Marettimo, travel back in time in the Museo Archeologico, wander in the narrow streets of Marsala or in the charming town of Trapani, walk the old arabic Kasbah of Mazara Del Vallo… or simply live the Sicilian Dolce Vita and bask in the sun next to the swimming pool.



Registration and inquiries


July 14 to July 21 – 2019


Marsala, Sicily – Italy

How to get there?

Nearest Airport: Palermo Airport (PMO)

Optional Airport: Trapani Airport (TPS)


Early bird – Payment until May 20, 2019
Shared Room – 3 people: 729 EUR
Shared Room – 2 people: 789 EUR SOLD OUT

Full price – Payment from May 21, 2019
Shared Room – 3 people: 789 EUR
Shared Room – 2 people: 859 EUR SOLD OUT

What’s included in the price:
– Accommodation for seven nights, including access to pool
– Six delicious breakfasts
– Two nourishing homemade fish based dinners in the B&B. Vegatarian or vegan option can be accomodated upon request
– Six morning yoga and six afternoon mediation and/or pranayama sessions
– Car rentals
– All guidance

What’s not included:
– Optional programs
– Lunch
– Transfer from/to PMO airport is not included but can be organised for you according to your flight.
– Flight ticket
– Five dinners

More details

Daily Schedule

July 14 – arrival

July 15 – 20
– Morning yoga session focused on asana alignment and preparation for intermediate postures
– Free afternoon for optional programs
– Evening meditation, yoga nidra and pranayama practices

Classes are optional, participants are welcome to join any or all organized sessions during retreat

July 21 – departure


– Traditional rural farm located in the Stagnone Natural Reservation, Marsala
– Certified Eco-label
– Room sharing (2 or 3 people per room)
– Only a few kilometres away from the sea, wild beaches and the Stagnone Lagoon
– Swimming Pool and Garden


Monica Montanaro

Diagnosed with Diabetes Type I in 1991 Monica have kept on looking for a healthy life-style. That led to practicing Buddhism and discovering yoga in 2009.

In 2011, she followed her first Teacher Trainings, soon followed by other trainings (Vinaysa – Jason Crandel, Hatha & Yoga Therapy – Acharya Venkatesh & Acharye Hemamalin) and workshops (Iyengar – Martin Zilbauer, Yoga Anatomy, Back bending – Atmavikasa Center for Yogic Science…)

With 1000+ hours of trainings and years of teaching, Monica’s love for yoga is stronger than ever. She shares her passion everyday with her students in studios and private classes. She values the importance of alignments as well as clear instructions to give students the tools to grow and enjoy their practice, feeling steadiness and pleasure in the asanas. She hopes, through her teaching, to ignite the desire to go deeper into exploring Yoga in all its multiple aspects.

Conscious Living

Yoga Teacher Training and Yogic Lifestyle Immersion Program

Take your yoga practice to the next level and become a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and spiritual activist!

Led by Yyoga and guest teachers, we welcome your applications and inquiries for more information. Join us in 2019 for this holistic yogic lifestyle program and embark on a life-changing journey.

Whether your focus is enhancing and deepening your own yoga practice or working towards becoming a yoga teacher and spiritual activist, our 300-hour Yoga Teacher and Yogic Lifestyle Immersion (RYS200) is the perfect place to start.

We believe there is a powerful inner wisdom in each of us, enriching our lives, changing how we live and thereby creating a better world. This philosophy is an intricate part of our training program, which we have designed using our passion, curiosity and love for introspection.
Our program draws wisdom and inspirations from the timeless principles of hatha and raja yoga, ayurveda, buddhist and taoist (Yin and Yang) philosophy. It is infused with a modern understanding of human anatomy and consciousness as well as with the latest results of yoga science and medicine all while maintaining deep roots in the traditional and ancient wisdom of yoga.

We place powerful focus on your personal development and on the strengthening of your physical, mental and emotional practice:

– Experience continued mentorship and support from like-minded teachers and practitioners
– Assist with classes at Yyoga
– Discover a safe place to develop meaningful relationships
– Explore the vast evolution of yoga from its origin to its current role in our modern urban lives

Our comprehensive lifestyle program will provide practical and intelligent tools to:

– Transform your life
– Deepen your yoga and spiritual practice
– Develop a positive and happy outlook on your life
– Be more present and confident in your own life
– Awaken a deeper self-knowledge and ongoing curiosity for learning
– Become a knowledgeable, inspiring and compassionate yoga teacher and spiritual activist


Intensive weekends Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 – 18:00 pm (breaks included)
Jun 22 – Jun 23
July 6 – July 7
27 July – 28 July
15 August – 18 August
21 Sep – 22 Sept
12 Oct – 13 Oct
1 Nov – 3 Nov

Week-long intensive from 8 am – 18:00 pm (breaks included) :
11 Nov – 17 Nov


Yyoga Brussels 


Pricing Options
Early Bird until April 14, 2019: 2999 EUR
from April 15, 2019: 3299 EUR
Pay in four instalments : 3499 EUR
595 EUR due once your registration has been accepted to hold your space
968 EUR due by July 31, 2019
968 EUR due by September 15, 2019
968 EUR due by October 31, 2019

Contact and questions

You’re interested or want to be on our contact list?

Send us an email – training@yyoga.be

Yin Yoga teacher training – Chinese Medicine, Meridian Nidra & Hip Anatomy

Organized with Yinspiration.org

65 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Learn the theories of Chinese Medicine and how to preserve our pre-natal essence of Kidney Jing via yin yoga.

This training will focus on incorporating the theories of Chinese Medicine and the Five Element into Yin Yoga postures. Students will learn the pathways of acupuncture meridians, how to stimulate these meridians in the Yin practice, as well as learning all the symptoms and treatments for meridian Qi stagnation.

Join senior yin trainer Jo Phee for her Teacher Training Chinese Medicine Module taking place in Brussels. This module is happening only once in Europe and is part of Jo Phee’s 2019 Fundamentals Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Training Topics:
– Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice
– Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (TCM)
– TCM Diagnostics
– Yin Yang Philosophy
– The 3 Treasures & 4 Vital Substances
– TCM Visceral System
– Theory of Qi
– Acupuncture Meridian Theory
– Balancing Qi in the Meridians
– Meridian Pathways & Meridian Clock
– Hand and Foot Meridian Points
– Meridians Organ Health
– Meridians and the Emotions
– Meridian Nidra
– Guasha Treatment
– Meridian Tracing, Meridian Palpation
– Meridian Tapping, Meridian Massage
– TCM Lifestyle and Diet
– The Five Element Theory
– Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)
– Skeletal Variation (Hip)
– Posture Analysis Lab (Hip)
– Sequencing & Teaching Methodology

For other trainings with Jo Phee, visit www.yinspiration.org

About Jo Phee

With a background in TCM, Functional Anatomy, Fascia Study and Myofascial Release, Jo is a senior Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer apprenticed under Yin Yoga founders, Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, for more than a decade. A long time student and senior teaching assistant for both Paul Grilley, Jo has has taught 10,000+ hours of public Yin classes over the past decade and has conducted over 70 Yin Yoga teacher trainings around the world. Her popular Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs are always sold out worldwide and fully endorsed by both Paul and Sarah.



September 24 > 30, 2019


Yyoga Brussels 


Early bird
Payment till 24/05/2019: 1200 EUR

Full price
Payment from 25/05/2019: 1355 EUR

Fee covers
– Training and Lectures
– Material, manuals in english

Contact and questions


Find Your Voice


with Maria Mannistö

Discover the healing power of your own voice in a workshop that combines yoga postures with sound.

Our bodies at a cellular level are in constant vibration. Not only do we express our own signature frequencies, but we also respond to external signals in subtle ways. Music and sound can resonate with our bodies at a very deep and intuitive level. In this workshop, we will explore the sound vibrations of our own voice using humming and simple Sanskrit mantras. As we vocalize and open ourselves up to authentic expression, we find potential for great physical and emotional release. Very few of us are blessed with the capability of free expression all the time. Insecurities, shyness, stress, fear of speaking out, language barriers, and guilt, can leave us stuck in the gap between what we would like to say, and what we actually do say or can’t say at all. This feeling of being stuck can lead to deep-seated tensions in the throat chakra. The act of humming or singing can have a profound effect on letting some of these tensions go, especially when combined with the stability, flexibility, and mindfulness that a yoga practice provides.

Finnish-American soprano Maria Männistö is an adventurous recitalist and yoga teacher. She followed multiple yoga trainings and workshops including with Kathleen Hunt (Hatha and Vinyasa), Sharon Gannon (Jivamukti), Jason Crandell (Vinyasa), Iyengar (Aadil Palkhivala and Martin Zilbauer) She’s currently based in Seattle where she shares her passion for both chanting and yoga.

This workshop is designed for all levels – yogis and singers alike – and particularly beneficial to anyone timid about projecting their voice. We’ll create a safe and playful setting in which to explore the relationship between body, breath and voice in an effort to bring greater harmony among these essential human facets. Most of all, we’ll create space to discover and get to know our true authentic voice.

Everyone is welcome to this practice.


March 9

@14.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 30 €

Reconnecting With Your Heart Space


with Maria Mannisto

Explore the power your voice as it combines with others! Kirtan is a form of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, in which we sing mantras together in a call-and-response setting. Kirtan has a profound ability to create stillness in the mind. It is essentially a form of meditation, in which the sounds anchor our concentration and awareness to help us be fully present. As we sing together and our voices become one voice, we transcend our selves and our logical minds, and are carried by the melodies and rhythms into a deeper heart space. This is a fantastic way to connect with your community, and engage in some healing sound therapy.
Prior singing experience is not necessary for this practice. Everyone is welcome!

The words of these chants are called the divine names and they come from a place that’s deeper than our hearts and our thoughts, deeper than the mind. And so as we sing them they turn us towards ourselves, into ourselves. They bring us in, and as we offer ourselves into the experience, the experience changes us.

— Bhagavan Das

About Maria Mannisto

Finnish-American soprano Maria Männistö is an adventurous recitalist and yoga teacher. She followed multiple yoga trainings and workshops including with Kathleen Hunt (Hatha and Vinyasa), Sharon Gannon (Jivamukti), Jason Crandell (Vinyasa), Iyengar (Aadil Palkhivala and Martin Zilbauer).

Maria moves comfortably among a wide range of musical styles to international acclaim. As a professional singer, she has performed in major concert houses across the world. Chanting Sanskrit mantra is an integral part of her practice, and she is delighted to share the practice with others! After experiencing first-hand the subtle shifts that occur within herself during mantra work, as well as the deep silence that follows the chanting, she feels passionate about sharing this healing experience. She’s currently based in Seattle where she shares her passion for both chanting and yoga.


Brussels – March 9

@18.30 – Sun Room – 120’ – 20€

Antwerp – March 10

@17.00 – Water Room – 120’ – 20€

Give yourself a massage!

Roll n’Release

with Urmila Badjoe

Winter is here and what a good excuse to come out and play with some tennis balls!

During this workshop you’ll go on a personal journey, in which you’ll learn, how to fully relax your body and mind, whilst reducing injuries and increasing flexibility. By “rolling on” the tennis balls you’ll give yourself a deep tissue massage. In combination with Yin Yoga you’ll be stimulating the fascia (connective tissue), which has a highly beneficial effect on the body, both mentally and physically. You’ll also learn how to apply this in a fairly simple way, so you can use the tennis balls in the comforts of your own home.

Urmila‘s transitioned from fitness into yoga and doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”. Through her personal quest for more knowledge and understanding of the human body she bumped into “myofascial release”.

The advantages are too many to mention and you only need a few tennis balls! All levels are welcome, so come and get your “roll on”.



March 2
@14.00 – Sun Room – 120’ – 35 €

A Prana Vinyasa Workshop

Evolution of Vinyasa

with Juan Gabriel

Experience a full spectrum of Vinyasas using the evolutionary Prana Flow pathways of pulsing, body and rhythmic Vinyasas to stimulate energetic alignment and increase circulation throughout, as we serve the life-force in a balanced and cohesive way. By tapping into the wisdom of the body, we set in motion this evolution internally, as it is expressed externally with the breath and movement becoming one. In doing so we express and mirror the qualities of Prana Vayus, the all- pervading movement of energy enhancing your breath, heart and mind connection.

This progressive workshop includes Prana Vinyasa wave sequencing, core cultivation, deep restorative forward bends, liberating backbends, empowering arm balances sprinkled with movement meditation, pranayama and mudras. By working with kramas / different stages of evolution within asana this workshop is suitable for all yoga lovers and will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and energised!

PRANA VINYASA® is a full spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea. Students are empowered to experience prana, the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence, as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living.

Experience innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow within the rhythm of class. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva’s teaching experience from the last 20 years.


March 2

@14.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 35 €

Go on a journey through your chakras

Exploring Chakras

with Monica Montanaro

This 2-day workshop will take you on a journey through your chakras. These focal points in our subtle body are houses of powerful energies, which you will explore using various tools.

The first session will focus on the first three chakras:

– Muladhara, the earth or root chakra. Explore the concept of grounding vs. attachment.
– Svasisthana, the chakra of movement. Learn about the water element and its relationship with desire.
– Manipura, the Solar Plexus chakra. Connect with your will-power and forward momentum.

The second session will target the four remaining chakras:

– Anahata, the heart chakra. Learn about the heart’s immense power of love, and how to feed it from within.
– Visuddha, the throat chakra. Experience the importance of sound and vibrations to connect with universal energy.
– Ajna, the Third Eye chakra. Learn about this chakra’s connection with intuition and withdrawal, as well as the power of our mind.
– Sahasrara, the Crown chakra or gateway to universal energy. You will be invited to the end of dualism and the beginning of oneness with cosmic energy and everything around us.

During each day, you will explore the chakras through practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. You will nourish and create a conscious connection with each chakra. This workshop will provide simple tools to improve, balance, and care for your chakras both physically and energetically.


February 16 & 23

@14.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 100 €

Fight Your Monkey Mind

Fighting Monkey Inspired Workshops

with Elke Schroeder

Inspire by Fighting Monkey – Open Practice for yogis

Inspired by the *Fighting Monkey Practice, this session will explore task-based movement and how its application in personal practice and in teaching is vital for longevity. This is not a physical “fighting” practice – rather it is a way to work in which we Fight our Monkey minds.

Solo and partnered task-based movement situations will be investigated using the Fighting Monkey tools, rhythm and coordination tasks and directed improvisation. The physical work will be supported by discussion of the Fighting Monkey approach and how to integrate this work into an existing personal or teaching practice. Some of the topics we will cover include: smart training for instinctual/reactive movement, elastic capacity for power and mobility, how to identity ineffective and inefficient movement patterns/affectations, and how to use partnered training/physical tools/coordinations in order to hone body awareness, shared body empathy and communication.

Inspire by FM is a great complement to any physical discipline. All dedicated practitioners and movement instructors, (including but not limited to yogis, dancers, athletes, physical performers and martial artists), are welcome.
Pants that cover the knees and shirts that cover the shoulders are recommended.

(*For a full description of the Fighting Monkey Practice and its creators, Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea, please visit www.fightingmonkey.net).



Fighting Monkey Practice
March 8
@19.00 – Sun Room – 120’ – 35 €

Saturday Night 5’R

Your Favorite Studio Is Turning 5, Come And Celebrate With Us

It’s our Birthday and because we are grateful for the community we have built together, we want to offer you a day full of fun free mini-workshops! Come celebrate with us as we turn our studio into a disco Saturday Night Five Years! All are welcome, including brand new yogis. Get a taste of our warm studio and enjoy some delicious vegetarian finger food and organic tea! Scroll down for details!


No registration needed as all workshops will be on a first come first serve basis. Please BRING YOUR MAT if you have one.

16:00 – UPSIDE DOWN, Inversions with Roz (30 min – MOON)

Roz is back from Australia but she still needs to adjust to being on this side of the planet 🤗. Join her as she explores different ways to get you downside up! From headstand to handstand, learn fun new tools and techniques to practice (and benefit) from inversions safely! (Please note, the level of this play shop is intermediate)

16:15 – ROCK WITH YOU, Therapeutic partner class with Hugo & Robbie (45 min – SUN)

Let Hugo and Robbie take you for a soft dance. Get the tools and ancient wisdom of Thai Yoga massage! In this mini play shop, we will learn to give and receive support through partner poses. Expand and explore while lengthening, stretching and massaging. No partner required.

16:45 – OFF THE WALL with Tessa (30 min – MOON)

Discover the therapeutic benefits of the yoga wall as a prop to create space in the body! Experience new sensations, poses, and gain new perspectives into your practice in this playful workshop with Tessa.

17:15 – I WILL SURVIVE Core Class with Charis (30 min – SUN)

Charis is back, Charis is core! Strengthen and sculpt your abs and oblique’s in this plank-based mini session! Together with her, you will fine tune your plank position, experiment with multiple variations and discover new ways to feel the yoga burn!

17:30 – WE ARE FAMILY, Story time with Tuesday (30 min – MOON)

Every pose tells a story! Dive into a world of Chandra moons, Hanuman Monkey Kings and more with Tuesday, as she brings the myths of the asanas to life!

17:45 – NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE, Relaxation with Monica (30 min – SUN)

Monica might leave soon, but, as Gloria Gaynor would day, we can never say goodbye. Embark with her for one last Shavasana journey to relaxation with this combination of guided visualisation, meditation, and yoga nidra!

18:15 – I FEEL LOVE, Kirtan with Morgan (30 min – MOON)

Experience Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion) as you join your voice with others to sing mantras and feel the love! Singing with intention and heart to connect with others and engage in some healing sound therapy. No singing or mantra experience required, everyone is welcome!

18:30 – STUDIO 54 VINYASA with Adrienne (30 min – SUN)

Adrienne, one of our Antwerp team members, grew up in New York and went to the original Studio 54. Come and experience her Brooklyn style vinyasa and get ready to boogie. Breathe, move, and flow with awareness, John Travolta style, to the sound of your favourite hits! Costumes welcome 😉

19:00 – AH AH AH AH stay-YIN alive with Eeva (60 min – MOON)

Discover the Taoist concept of YIN as you slow down, relax and release with some deep tissue stretching! Expect a series of long-held, passive floor poses, guaranteed to soften any tension in the body and mind!

19:15 – YOU CAN RING MY BELL Gong Bath with Colin (60 min – SUN)

Let Colin bathe you in sound. Forget time and space and plunge into the present moment as the vibrations of the gongs massage every cell of your being. A meditative experience and feast for the ears and senses alike!


Saturday February 9

Grand Opening

Come And Celebrate With Us

We want to spread the love and good vibes by inviting you to celebrate our official Grand Opening! ♥

Take a tour of our yoga sanctuary, discover our yoga concept store, meet our teachers and staff, try a class, enjoy some healthy snacks and stick around for some fun community time!

We will be having FREE classes all day (schedule below), along with music and surprises, so don’t forget to bring your friends to spread the love.

There will also be prizes! Want to get in on the action now? Mark yourself as “Going” and share our event on Facebook or Instagram (don’t forget to tag us) to get a chance to win one of the prizes below!

5 intro passes (unlimited yoga for 1 month)
2 VIP passes (shared pass, 25 classes to be shared among friends, valid for 6 months)
1 x Manduka Align strap
2 x Manduka foam blocks
1 x Manduka Eko superlite mat
1 x Manduka Terra mat (Manduka‘a latest earth-friendly yoga mat!)

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

– Yyoga Team ♥


9h > Early bird breakfast – for the brave ones!

9h30 – 10h30 > Wake Up and Flow with the Wall!
Spice up your yoga practice and find new dimensions! Discover our amazing Yoga Wall system and flow through a creative vinyasa based practice to kickstart your day!

11h – 12h00 > Sweet Yin Yoga + Cosmic Sound Bath
Experience the transformative power of yin yoga combined with the healing powers of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls. Melt into soft and sweet postures and journey into a timeless space of beauty!

12h – 13h30 > Bits and Bites + Surprises

13h30 – 14h30 > Heated Summer Flow with Music
Do you miss the summer heat? Need an energy boost during these cold days? Get rid of the winter blues with this fun movement-based yoga sequence supported by music. Class is guaranteed to warm and cheer you up!

Preregistration is not required to attend; all classes are first come first serve!


Saturday February 23

Create, Play, Love

Mala Making Craftshop

with Maricela and Anna

Join yoginis and jewellery designers Maricela Del Rio and Anna Ostrand for a fun workshop making your very own mala!

A mala is a string of 108 beads used for keeping count during mantra chanting, and for focusing the mind during meditation. In this workshop, you will learn all about the history and tradition of these beautiful prayer beads. You will also learn how to properly use and store your mala.
All materials will be provided, including a choice between various designs. We will provide guidance on the qualities and meanings of each gemstone, allowing you to select one that you truly connect with. You will be guided you through the process of making your mala, including the special knotting technique.

After creating your mala, you will learn how to cleanse and energize the beads. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a unique mala to wear and use, with the special bond of having created it yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to craft a powerful spiritual jewellery and begin the new year with clarity and intention.

Cost includes instructions and materials for basic mala kit (sandalwood, rudrashka or basic gemstone beads and silk string) Pendants, tassels, silver spacers or additional gemstones will be extra.


Maricela: www.mariceladelrio.com

Anna: www.islandbeachcreations.com


January 27

@14.00 – Rue de Flandre, 94 – 210’ – 69 €

A Great Workshop for Runner Yogis!

Happy Feet, Healthy Body

with Blaine Allison

Rethink your relationship with your feet! The human foot is the most intricate, and the most punished part of the body. This 2-hour workshop is all about foot anatomy, health as well as proper running technique and form.
Things that will be covered are as followed:

How a weak foot and ankle can lead to back, neck and other pains throughout the body
Why proper footwear matters
Effects of a poor running and walking technique
Why proper running technique matters
Biomechanics of good technique
Biomechanics of the foot and ankle
Healing plantar fasciitis
Healing shin splints
Weak arches and how to fix them
Why proper running technique matters
Yoga poses that help to strengthen the foot
Myofascial release techniques

To educate individuals on the importance of proper foot care and how it can improve the body.
To give individuals the tools to heal their injuries, reduce pain, and run with efficient and proper technique.
There will be time for practical training during the workshop as well as a Q and A period.

Blaine Allison is a Canadian movement coach who has been teaching Yoga for nearly 5 years and has taught in Australia, Seychelles, Canada, and Guatemala. With over one thousand hours taught Blaine has gathered experience from many different sources and continues to grow as a Yoga instructor. Blaine is fascinated by the many facets of Yoga and realizes that it can be more than just a tool for physical development but also one for mental and spiritual as well. Blaine emphasises that Yoga can be a method to re-connect with our bodies and movement. Blaine teaches a strong Vinyasa and strives to teach balanced classes no matter the style.

Blaine also titles himself as a movement mentor as he also teaches many other methods of movement and has been involved in the fitness industry for 7 years. He coaches individuals on gaining incredible strength through bodyweight training, competent movement in everyday life and within sports, injury prevention through proper biomechanics, rehabilitation through restorative and intelligent movement and can also teach individuals how to run properly to increase efficiency and reduce and prevent injury.

Outside of movement and fitness, Blaine is also a Hip-Hop emcee and writes conscious lyrics to uplift and inspire. Blaine will be releasing his first 5 song EP at the end of the August.



January 19
@14.30 – Sun Room – 120’ – 30 €

Insight Yoga – FULL

With Sarah Powers

The yin yoga master, and founder of Insight Yoga, Sarah Powers comes to Belgium for the first time!

Yyoga is proud to host a workshop that integrates physical and pranic practices in a unique environment of mindful awareness. Sarah’s style of teaching and lecturing offers a wholesome experience for the body, heart and mind.

About Sarah Powers


Sarah Powers began teaching in 1987. She is the founder and author of Insight Yoga, which interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice to discover and enliven the body, heart and mind. Her yoga style blends both a Yin sequence of floor poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, combined with an alignment-based slow flow or Yang practice, influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar teachings, and QI gong.

Sarah feels that enlivening the physical and pranic bodies, as well as learning to meet our psychological reactivity is paramount for preparing one to deepen and nourish insights into one’s essential nature – a natural state of awareness. She has competed level 3 of Internal Family Systems Therapy training and been a student of Transpersonal Psychology for 28 years. She also draws from her in-depth training in the Vipassana, Tantric and Dzogchen practices of Buddhism.

Her main influences have been Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Jennifer Welwood, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Bhante Gunaratana, Lama Pema Dorje, Stephen and Martine Batchelor, B. Alan Wallace, and Anam Thubten.
Sarah and her husband Ty Powers co-direct the Insight Yoga Institute, which offers 500+ hour trainings blending yoga, buddhism and psychology.

For more information, please visit: www.sarahpowers.com/iyi/



November 24-25, 2018

Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers
Saturday and Sunday, from 10.00 to 14.00 – 2x4hrs – 240 €

More details

About the workshop

Insight Yoga and Psychological Inquiry:
An Integrated approach to Yoga

A yin/yang yoga and mindfulness workshop with interpersonal awareness practices
Asana, Pranayama, Insight Meditation, Compassion Meditation, Contemplative Dialogues

In this 8-hour workshop Sarah will encourage us to develop and/or deepen our commitment to a balanced daily practice that nourishes not only our body and breath, but our hearts and minds as well. Each class will give us the opportunity to highlight these four themes individually, so that we might braid them together inside us as a holistic mandala (or sanctuary of practice) that we can enter daily for renewed inspiration and insight.

The first hour of each class Sarah will focus on salient features of Buddhist Mindfulness meditation with both lecture and practice. Through clarifying and highlighting the basic tenets of a skillful practice, Sarah will help make meditation a joyous endeavor, reminding us of its essential place in our lives.

The meditation practice will be followed by various Yin/Yang asana sequences that encourage stability and mobility, grounded-ness and ease, enabling us to merge what Taoists call heaven and earth within our own bodies and minds, while cultivating the sensitive energy body simultaneously.

The last section will be given to heart based practices mingled with interpersonal dialogues. In Buddhism, these qualities of loving kindness and compassion are suggested as having boundless possibilities within each of us. To initiate the proliferation of these values in our personal experience, we can lean our hearts and minds in these directions through contemplation on these themes, as well as daring to share interpersonal awareness practices out loud. Please come with an interest in sharing some of these personal themes in dialogue with others.

Each class will be a complete experience, but these practices also build on each other. For this reason Sarah suggests that you sign up for both days in order to develop a self practice with a clear understanding of these diverse yet interrelated disciplines.

Beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi

Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

with Florence-François Poncet and Sandra Becker

How often do we find ourselves in communication deadlocks, struggling to make ourselves heard or understood, feeling hurt or offended and reacting aggressively or choosing to remain silent in order to avoid conflict(s)?
How about relating to ourselves and others in a different way, in a way that serves life?

Compassionate communication – or ‘non-violent communication’ – was developed by American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg (1934-2015). It helps us take account of our emotions and deepen our awareness of what is alive in ourselves and others.

It enhances our ability to listen beyond words. It helps us to develop an empathic understanding of ourselves and others, to practice honest expression of our feelings and needs, and to hear difficult or painful messages with compassion. It offers ways of interacting with ourselves and others without the ‘violence”’ of criticism, blame and judgement, and opens the way to authentic, true and respectful relationships.
In this three-day course (one weekend plus one day), you will be introduced to the fundamentals of compassionate communication. You will discover this invaluable approach developed by Marshall Rosenberg, with e a little theory and a lot of time left for experiencing this other way of communicating.

About the Facilitators

Sandra, who is a lawyer by training, has developed a particular sensitivity to communication beyond words through her passion for horses. She discovered non-violent communication in 2012 and has been deepening her integration of the process since then. The shift of putting the right words on implicit dynamics opened the path to authentic and deep connection in human relationships. She regularly intervenes in organisations to facilitate human and group dynamics based on compassionate communication and collective intelligence.

Florence, also a lawyer by training and an EU official since 2004, encountered non-violent communication (NVC) in 2011. She has been consistently deepening her integration of it since then, experiencing its transformative impact in her relationships with people, in her job as a manager and her activity as a peer coach at work. She regularly assists a certified NVC trainer in introductory courses in Brussels.

Florence and Sandra run an NVC practice group in Brussels.



November 17 & 18, 2018
December 16, 2018

From 10.00 to 16.30 – 324€

(exact time will be confirmed)

A pathway for exploration, acceptance and expression

Tantric Yoga for Women

with Haein Cho

This is an invitation for women of all ages, shapes and experience to come together. We are heart creatures. We are internal and naturally attuned to spirituality. Like an ancient tree rooted firmly in the ground, our sensuality is the sacred power forever ingrained in our heart, body and soul. Awareness is always the first step in realizing and fully accessing the feminine power that lies within. As women, we are incredibly and innately sensual. Sensuality awakens when we are tapped completely in to our own bodies and senses, our feminine power, our needs, desires, and our pleasure. This goes beyond the typical sexual sensuality, tapping into our ability to know what we want, desire and need in any given moment. We’re fluid, cyclical creatures and our constant flowing emotions and desires mean that within seconds everything can change for us. Working with our sensuality is a pathway for exploration, acceptance and expression.

Sensuality is the simple moment of feeling this body deeply, and the act of being present with your senses.
We will be exploring our sensuality through Tantra Yoga, an ancient practice that combines asana, mantra, mudra, bandha (energy lock) and chakra (energy center) work. By harnessing and embodying Shakti, the female deity that represents creativity and change, we can build strength, clarity, and bliss in everyday life.

Topics/practices include:
– Tantra for creativity, sensuality, and sexuality
– Yoga for women inspired by authentic movement practice
– Ancient knowledge, story & wisdom behind menstruation
– Moon Cycle Ritual & Womb Blessing
– Somatic enquiry on shame & pleasure
– Celebrating womanhood

About Haein Cho

Originally from South Korea, Haein grew up in Auroville, a spiritual community in South India. She’s a certified Watsu & massage therapist as well as a yoga & level 2 Acro yoga instructor.
Haein shares Yoga & AcroYoga as practices available for every body, age, and ability. She aims to support all beings through movement, connection, and play. With a background in Aquatic body work, she brings in a unique softness in her practice with fine balance between effortless movement and body control.

She has been teaching Yoga, Acroyoga & Meditation in form of retreat, workshop, class and in festivals and conventions in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, India, Korea, and Taiwan.
Haein, together with her partner Nicolas lived in South america for a year to work with plant medicine and Shamanism in 2016.


April 27 & May 4

@18.00 – Sun Room – 2×180’ – 95 €

Please note that this it a two-part workshop taking place over the course of two days.
By signing up for this workshop, you will be enrolled in both days.

Dive into self nourishment, love and acceptance

Shamanic Yoga

with Haein Cho

Shamanic Yoga is a blend of Shamanic practices and Native American wisdom combined with physical Yoga Asanas and movement practice. Shamanism is a practice very similar to yoga, as it is involves reaching altered states of consciousness. In the case of Shamanism, the practitioner encounters and interacts with the spirit world for wisdom. Exploring this practice, we can gain a deeper understanding of the universe, its infinite energetic structure, our selves, and the part that we play in it. Shamanism and yoga are beautiful tools we can to use to connect to ourselves on a much deeper level.

In this workshop, we will take time to explore our body and heart connection through yoga, movement and cacao ceremony. This is an invitation to pause, listen, and explore the healing capacities that we all carry within, our very birthright.

Raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love… It is considered a medicine in South America since the time of the Maya. We will start with a purification ritual, letting go of the things we carry that no longer serve us. We will then serve the cacao and concentrate on our heart. During the ceremony, we will work with voice and conscious dance practice to connect to our chakras and give expression to the power that lies within our heart.

This workshop is open to all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Let us dive into a day of self nourishment, love and acceptance with Yoga, Dance, Conscious Movement, Kirtan, Cacao Ceremony and Meditation.

About Haein Cho

Originally from South Korea, Haein grew up in Auroville, a spiritual community in South India. She’s a certified Watsu & massage therapist as well as a yoga & level 2 Acro yoga instructor.
Haein shares Yoga & AcroYoga as practices available for every body, age, and ability. She aims to support all beings through movement, connection, and play. With a background in Aquatic body work, she brings in a unique softness in her practice with fine balance between effortless movement and body control.

She has been teaching Yoga, Acroyoga & Meditation in form of retreat, workshop, class and in festivals and conventions in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, India, Korea, and Taiwan.
Haein, together with her partner Nicolas lived in South america for a year to work with plant medicine and Shamanism in 2016.


April 28 & May 5

@14.00 – Sun Room – 2×180’ – 85 €

Please note that this it a two-part workshop taking place over the course of two days.
By signing up for this workshop, you will be enrolled in both days.

Spring Yoga & Wellness Retreat May 2018

Countryside Escape

In May 2017 IndraniLodge hosted its first Yoga and Wellness Retreat. The retreat was a great success and at the request of many of the participants we are running it again in the Spring!

There are endless amounts of yoga retreats to choose from – yoga vacation retreats, yoga retreats with a single teacher and little variation in teaching and style and yoga retreats that leave you feeling great but with few tools to ‘take home’ with you and integrate into your daily life. Our retreat aims to provide the best of all worlds by introducing you to a broader concept of Yoga and personal well-being management and provide you with a large toolbox to teach you how to integrate these tools into your own life. In a supportive atmosphere and beautiful location we will create a space where it will be easy to assimilate what you will be taught. Our retreat will combine intellectual and physical challenge, relaxation, body therapies, delicious food and ample free time to explore the surroundings and choose the activities that best suit your needs and interests.


May 12 to May 19 – 2018


Indrani Lodge
Belgium, 25 km from Brussels



INDRANI RETREAT with accommodation in single room
 1395 EUR

INDRANI RETREAT with accommodation in shared room
 950 EUR

INDRANI WEEK without accommodation
 695 EUR

More info and enquiries



The Yogi’s Essential Toolbox for Students and Teachers

With Martin Zilbauer

Martin has studied yoga in India and Asia for six years. He has spent an extensive amount of time focusing on the healing benefits of The Great Yoga Wall system; his wealth of knowledge in this particular branch of yoga is unprecedented. Martin continues to deepen his knowledge by participating in advanced trainings while teaching yoga courses and organising teacher trainings in Germany, Europe, and around the world. He had the privilege of receiving his Iyengar Yoga teacher certification from B.K.S. Iyengar himself and visits the Iyengar Institute in India yearly.


February 23
Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Pratyahara for Pain
@19.00 – Sun Room – 120’ – 40 €

February 24
The Art of Assists, Self-Correction, and Observation, Part 1
@9.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 45€

February 24
The Art of Assists, Self-Correction, and Observation, Part 2
@14.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 45 €

February 25
The Art of Intelligent Sequencing – Approaching Intermediate Poses
@9.00 – Sun Room – 180’ – 45 €

More details

Workshops Details

Restorative Yoga, Pranayama and Pratyahara for Pain

Whether it’s physical or emotional, acute or chronic, pain can diminish the quality of day-to-day life. This workshop will provide a set of tools to begin working through layers of pain, as we learn to understand physical and emotional pain and how to cope with them. Yoga’s toolbox of healing practices includes restorative asanas, pranayama, and yogic philosophy. Restorative postures and gentle movement will help you connect with your body’s powerful ability to heal itself. Breathing exercises will focus the mind and direct your attention inward, allowing you to recognize what your body is trying to teach you through pain, stress, or tension. The ancient wisdom of yoga will help you make sense of the physical and mental challenges you may be going through.

This gentle workshop is accessible to all, and specifically tailored to meet the needs of those experiencing pain.


The Art of Assists, Self-Correction, and Observation, Part 1&2

Deepen your understanding of healthy alignment as you learn the art of adjusting others and yourself during asana practice. A great adjustment can be a truly wonderful experience for a student, allowing them to delve deeper into a pose and immerse themselves into their practice. Safe and effective adjustments require clear intention, subtlety, and the ability to see the big picture of a posture. In this workshop, you will learn:

• Observation skills as you learn to step back and see what is really happening in your students’ practice and your own.
• Basic principles of alignment in key yoga postures.
• How to modify or offer alternate preparatory poses if the final posture isn’t working.
• How and when to use props such as straps, blocks, and blankets to aid adjustment.
• Benefits of physical and verbal adjustments, and when to use them.
• The art of non-biased observation and adjustment, and how to adapt your intuition and knowledge to different types of bodies.
• A deepened understanding of your own body mechanics for effective demonstration and improved energetic sense of postures.
This workshop is not just for teachers interested in adjusting their students, but also for anyone interested in learning more about postural alignment in yoga class.

The Art of Intelligent Sequencing – Approaching Intermediate Poses 

While basic yoga postures lay an essential foundation for a healthy and safe yoga practice, we shouldn’t feel stuck with basic postures forever. In this workshop, you will learn how to use foundational yoga postures as a starting point to explore more advanced poses. Learn how to effectively sequence yoga postures so that they progress safely toward a more advanced or “peak” pose. We will use tools such as props and pose variations to ensure that the advanced poses flow organically from their preparatory postures. Come prepared to explore and see where your asana practice can take you!

This workshop is recommended for those who have practiced yoga asana for at least 6 months.

Breathe in the wonders of Lapland, deepen your yoga practice, and dive into nature to relax and renew!

Magical Lapland Retreat – FULL

Delve into the new year with Yyoga as we embark on a magical journey to the land of snow and ice!

Enjoy daily yoga, and reconnect with the elements and wilderness through our nature meditation practices.

Be enchanted by the magic of The Northern Lights. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis occur quite often in Lapland. Sometimes they only last a couple of minutes, while other times they may be seen for hours. Our nature immersion activities will guarantee you the very best chance of an unforgettable Northern Lights experience.

Nourish your senses with a huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities: ride the slopes of Levi; take a walk in breathtaking forests; curl up with a cup of tea by the fireplace; warm up in your private sauna; pamper yourself at Levi Spa; or sign up for additional programs such as an arctic ride with huskies and reindeer or visiting the nearby SnowVillage. See full list of additional programs below.



Registration and inquiries


January 27 to February 2 – 2018


Levi, Lapland – Finland
Finland’s largest ski resort

How to get there?
By plane – we recommend Finnair
Nearest airport: Kittilä (KTT)


Early bird
Payment until November 27, 2017: 849 EUR

Full price
Payment from November 28, 2017:  899 EUR

What’s included in the price:
– Accommodation for 6 nights
– Two meals every day (five delicious organic breakfasts and nourishing dinners – option to accommodate vegan with advance notice)
– Five morning yoga and evening sessions
– One entry to the luxurious Levi Spa
– Private sauna
– All guidance

What’s not included:
– optional programs
– flight ticket and transfer

More details

Daily Schedule

January 27 – arrival

January 28 – February 1
10.00 – 11.30 – Morning session: vinyasa flow and hatha yoga classes
19.00 – 20.00 – Evening session: yoga on ice, breathwork, nature meditation, walking meditation, fire ceremony,…)

Classes are optional, participants are welcome to join any or all organized sessions during retreat

February 2 – Departure

Optional programmes

There are many exciting programs in and around Levi. The main highlights include:

– Skiing / snowboarding
– Spa and wellness at Levi Hotel Spa
– Night snow show and chance to see the Northern Lights
– Arctic rides with huskies and reindeers
– Snowmobile safari
– Night safari with horses
– Traditional sauna ceremony
– Visit to SnowVillage
– Meeting a local shaman
– Arctic cooking workshop
– Forest walk guided by local


– Well-equipped, high-quality Alpine style apartment in Levi centre
– Bed linen and towels
– Room sharing (2 people per room)
– Skiing track 50m away
– Private sauna
– Wireless Internet
– Fireplace


Robbie Makroczy
Robbie’s yoga and spiritual journey spans over nearly twenty years with an abundance of influences from various healing systems and yoga traditions including ayurveda, mindful vinyasa flow (Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn and Jason Crandell), ashtanga yoga (David Swenson and Prem Carlisi), Iyengar yoga (Lois Steinberg, Ph.D. and Martin Zilbauer) and restorative yoga (Annie Carpenter).

His yoga classes combine philosophy, conscious body movements, breathing, concentration and relaxation techniques designed to open up the body and mind, challenge, energise and calm. He places special emphasis on creating a warm and welcoming environment for students of all abilities in order to facilitate their self-inquiry and growth.

Eeva Tella
Eeva is a dedicated yin yoga practitioner and direct student of Sarah Powers. She is passionate about sharing her unique insights and approach on the healing power of the yin yoga practice. Eeva’s teaching style is soft and mindful. Her classes incorporate meditative moments, introspection and grounding asana practice.

Eeva comes from Finland and is excited to bring friends and fellow yogis on this magical journey to Lapland.

“To be fully alive,
fully human, and
completely awake is
to be continually
thrown out of the nest.”

– Pema Chödrön

Building Resilience

with Eeva Tella

Resilience is the ability of an object to spring back into shape. For us, it’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. The practice of yoga or mindfulness help us to bounce back from the small, or sometimes big, events that disturb our balance.

Through the practice of Yin postures, mindfulness exercises and discussion circles, this workshop will give you tools to enhance resilience in your daily work and life. Working on both physical and mental levels, you’ll learn the strategies you can set to feel stronger and cope more easily with the challenges you face everyday.

Eeva Tella is a direct student of Sarah Powers and teaches yin yoga and mindfulness. She also leads practice in office environment and continuously studies ways of finding freedom and balance in the hectic world that so often throws us out of our nest.

Workshop is open to everyone.


November 25

@14.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 30 €

Brussels’ Yoga Day 2017

Find Us At The Event!

Come and visit us for the fourth edition of the Brussels’ Yoga Day.

Come check us out on Sunday from 10 A.M. to 17.00!

If you see our teachers, make sure to give them a big YYOGA hug!

More info www.brusselsyogaday.be


Sunday June 18

Yogance Weekend

With Tamara Levinson-Campos aka @cuchira

YOGANCE is a yoga inspired practice using techniques, elements of style and disciplines achieved within a professional dancers foundational training regiment. It focuses on correct alignment within the postures as well as fluid transitions that link breath to movement. This is where the transformative magic resonates within the practice. The breath becomes the internal music, the movement becomes the spirit dancing freely.


April 15 & 16 – Yogance Weekend

Saturday 15

@10.00 – Sun Room – 180’


Sunday 16
@10.00 – Sun Room – 180’

More details

About Tamara

Tamara Levinson-Campos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in New York City. At age 15, she represented the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. After being a three time USA National Champion and competing in World Class international events, she moved on to dancing professionally on NYC & Los Angeles.

Tamara’s versatility as a dancer, gymnast, rhythmic gymnast, aerial artist, contortionist led her to having an over 20 year career as a working professional dancer. She danced on three world tours with Madonna (Drowned World, Reinvention, Confessions), and along side other popular artists such as Usher, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and more. Her off-broadway debut was in hit aerial shows “De La Guarda”. Later she helped create off-broadway sensation “Fuerzabruta” of which she also performed in for many years all over the world. Mrs. Levinson is currently working as a choreographer for commercial, music videos and films.

Tamara has been teaching all styles of movement for over 20 years as she continues to consistently create works of her own in all mediums. She considers herself a Movement Artist, where the mind is limitless and freedom of self expression prevails all.

Though Tamara has had a very successful career as a performer & choreographer, her proudest accomplishment is her creation of YOGANCE which is the end result of her lifetime of body, mind and soul searching.
YOGANCE is the culmination of everything she has gathered along the way as a student, performer and tour guide (aka “Teacher”). She is humbled to be able to share her journey with her beYOUtiful warriors and hopes to inspires everywhere to BEYOUtiful warriors!

What will we do?

This is your weekend to breath and move your way to a free more happy you! Prepare to engage unapologetically with you body, mind and soul. Using the tool of Yogance (a yoga-dance, breath to movement exercise) we will move through a thorough warm up, a choreographed yoga dance flow, freestyle improvisational exercises and finally a meditation to remind us how accessing our gift of intuitive movement & letting go of judgement can bring us back to appreciating our beauty inside and out. A weekend to BEYOUtiful.


April 15 – 16
Yogance Movement Therapy Weekend
@10.00 – Sun Room – 2x 180’ – 90 €


Movement doesn’t always have to be a scientific game of required alignments and fancy terms. In fact, the beauty of Yogance is it’s ability to free the mind so the body can express authentically. Expect to play, play, play and move beYOUtifully!

Jai Hanuman

With Coral Brown

Coral Brown draws on 20 years of experience in yoga, philosophy, and holistic counseling to provide fertile, open space for the processes of healing and transformation. She has trained in the Iyengar and Jivamukti methods and is a senior teacher of Prana Vinyasa flow, leading teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide.


January 31

Jai Hanuman
@19.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 40 €

More details

About Coral’s Teaching


Coral’s teaching style fuses the energetic, creative energy of Prana Flow yoga with her experience as a Holistic Counselor. Her integrative yet lighthearted approach invites students to unite mind, body and spirit to transcend physical asana and create space for conscious evolution.


January 31
Jai Hanuman
@19.00 – Sun Room – 150’ – 40 €

Ever wonder who’s who in the grand pantheon of Hindu mythology? Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Vishnu? How does this cast of characters and their stories influence our down dogs and why are some poses named after them? Hinduism is the oldest belief system in the world and it is the foundation of the yoga that we love and practice. Within this dynamic vinyasa flow story telling class, focusing on the Hanuman, we will scratch the surface of the vast Hindu belief system and explain how the historical roots of yoga are directly connected to the modern day yogi.

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Yoga Teacher Training and Yogic Lifestyle Immersion Program

Take your yoga practice to the next level and become a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and spiritual activist!

Led by Yyoga and guest teachers, we welcome your applications and inquiries for more information. Join us in 2017 for this holistic yogic lifestyle program and embark on a life-changing journey.

Whether your focus is enhancing and deepening your own yoga practice or working towards becoming a yoga teacher and spiritual activist, our 300-hour Yoga Teacher and Yogic Lifestyle Immersion (RYS200) is the perfect place to start.

We believe there is a powerful inner wisdom in each of us, enriching our lives, changing how we live and thereby creating a better world. This philosophy is an intricate part of our training program, which we have designed using our passion, curiosity and love for introspection.
Our program draws wisdom and inspirations from the timeless principles of hatha and raja yoga, ayurveda, buddhist and taoist (Yin and Yang) philosophy. It is infused with a modern understanding of human anatomy and consciousness as well as with the latest results of yoga science and medicine all while maintaining deep roots in the traditional and ancient wisdom of yoga.

We place powerful focus on your personal development and on the strengthening of your physical, mental and emotional practice:

– Experience continued mentorship and support from like-minded teachers and practitioners
– Assist with classes at Yyoga
– Discover a safe place to develop meaningful relationships
– Explore the vast evolution of yoga from its origin to its current role in our modern urban lives

Our comprehensive lifestyle program will provide practical and intelligent tools to:

– Transform your life
– Deepen your yoga and spiritual practice
– Develop a positive and happy outlook on your life
– Be more present and confident in your own life
– Awaken a deeper self-knowledge and ongoing curiosity for learning
– Become a knowledgeable, inspiring and compassionate yoga teacher and spiritual activist


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Yyoga Brussels 


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Contact and questions

You’re interested or want to be on our contact list?

Send us an email – training@yyoga.be

More details

Our 6-month immersion course is informative, evolving, and customized to each group of students’ needs, goals and characteristics. We emphasize self-inquiry, introspection, clear language, critical thinking and compassionate attitude.

It is the first time in Brussels a course will be offered with this diverse international teaching team and dedicated training facilities. Our inspiring team will continue to support your journey as you forge your spiritual path long after completion of your training.

We plan to maintain the quality of our mentorship by limiting the number of students. We welcome your application.

Our unique methodology and philosophy

Yin and Yang Yoga is a theoretical and non-dogmatic approach to a wholesome and balanced yoga practice and way of living. Honoring the dualistic nature of our core existence, we developed a unique methodology to teaching and practicing yoga.

We will journey into the polarities of yin and yang, moon and sun, female and male energies within ourselves to create a healthier, more balanced and integral yoga practice. Yin and yang energies produce a continuous dance and movement within our body and mind. Balancing these complementary opposites both on and off the mat helps to develop harmony, kindness, compassion and consciousness within us.

The program will focus on a thorough analysis of traditional hatha and mindful vinyasa flow yoga. The more bvsubtle layers of our existence and practice will be explored by integrating pranayama, meditative and introspective yin and restorative yoga practices.

Training Format

The training schedule is structured to accommodate students’ work, school & family.

Training will include:

– intensive weekend modules
– Weekly mentoring and asana sessions
– Ongoing individual and group assignments
– Intensive week module

for a total of more than 300 hours (RYS200).

Each weekend module will provide you with full immersion in the theory and practice of yoga and related sciences. The time between the intensives will allow you to return to your daily life and integrate the new knowledge, inspiration and experience.

Weekly assignments will deepen your studies and keep you inspired and engaged. Mentorship, coaching and feedback will be provided to develop and refine your skills.

Regular yoga practice will be an essential part of training. Students will receive free classes at Yyoga for the duration of the training and are required to take minimum three group classes per week.

Our program will include with intensive week long immersion experiences. These weeks will offer reflection on the development of your personal practice. You will have the opportunity to assess your own confidence in both your skills as a practitioner and teacher.

Program overview

Our non-dogmatic and holistic approach to yoga training incorporates both Eastern and Western science and spiritual tradition, Ayurvedic wisdom, sound healing and Yin and Yang philosophy as well as a modern understanding of the human biology, body and consciousness.

We will study, explore and integrate:

– Physical and spiritual aspects of traditional hatha, mindful vinyasa flow, yin and restorative yoga
– Teaching foundational and intermediate asanas and their variations to engage body, mind and spirit
– Deconstruction of asanas into alignment principles for clarity and intelligent sequencing and safe physical practice
– Building intelligent asana sequencing: how to design and teach transformative hatha, vinyasa and yin-like yoga classes
– Yoga for longevity: learning asana modifications for injury prevention and rehabilitation
– Observing and understanding bodies
– Purpose and use of props
– Hands-on adjustments and assists to educate your students
– Cultivating clear languaging and communication as a teacher
– Essential pranayama techniques to refine your attention and shift vital energy
– Tools to focus your mind for contemplation, introspection and meditation
– Philosophical and spiritual themes as integral, inseparable elements of the yoga practice
– Applied anatomy and physiology of the physical and subtle energy body
– History and philosophy through study of ancient yoga texts and literature
– Basic Sanskrit
– Learning, living and embodying the yogic ethical observances, both on and off the mat
– Building and cultivating your life-long home practice
– Intensives and training modules include Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Bhakti, Ethics, Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga, Pre-Natal, Yoga Wall, Introduction to Holistic Nutrition and Sound Healing.
– Business of yoga

Trainings consist of more than 300-hours content.

Suggested experience / requirements

– Participants are encouraged to have a 1-year minimum yoga practice
– No prior teaching experience required
– Physical limitations, injuries and stiffness are OK
– An open-mind and willingness to participate in group learning as well as in self-inquiry process
– Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
– Patience, dedication, compassion and motivation

Training materials

– Free classes at Yyoga for duration of the training
– Yyoga teacher training manual and workbook included
– Required books (list will be provided prior to start)
– Suggested books (list will be provided prior to start)