Embrace The Power of New Beginnings

Yyoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat in Tenerife, Spain

Embrace the warmth of new beginnings as you escape the winter chill and embark on a transformative journey to the captivating island of Tenerife, Spain! Nestled within an enchanting sub-tropical paradise, our winter sanctuary becomes your gateway to infuse the upcoming year with intention, vitality, and a renewed sense of purpose. Immerse yourself in an enriching yoga retreat, where meaningful practices ignite a harmonious blend of mind, body, and spirit. And as the calendar turns the page to a fresh new year, the vibrant community of friends and kindred spirits provides a nurturing environment for renewal, self-discovery, and joyful celebration.

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New beginnings are the sparks that fuel growth, the whispers of change that awaken our spirits. With every fresh start, we rewrite our stories, leaving behind what no longer serves us and stepping into a realm of uncharted possibilities. These moments remind us that life’s journey is a canvas, ready to be painted with bold strokes of transformation.

Our retreat will revolve around practices that encourage you to tap into the transformative energy of new beginnings. Picture yourself in creative yoga classes tailored to all levels, each session a symphony of movement, stillness and mindfulness. Allow meditation and visualization techniques to transport you to a realm of tranquility, igniting your inner spark. Experience the profound release of a breath-ceremony, a moment of catharsis that clears the path for transformation. But the journey doesn’t stop there. Engage in insightful journaling sessions, under the starlit skies, your thoughts flowing freely like ink onto paper. Embark on nature hikes that awaken your senses to the world’s wonders, and immerse yourself in soulful discussions that offer guidance and inspiration. Feel your inner wisdom come alive during our group coaching session, where shared experiences become the stepping stones to your personal growth.


Nourish Yourself, Unwind and Celebrate

Nourishment isn’t just for the soul; it’s for the body too. Indulge in locally sourced, farm-to-table meals that tantalize your taste buds and replenish your vitality. Share laughter by the poolside, where leisurely moments are as abundant as the sunshine. Let loose and unwind in your free time as you explore the sub-tropical oasis at your own pace. As you connect with the stunning landscapes, you’ll also receive an introduction to the fascinating realm of permaculture, learning how to harmonize with the earth and embrace sustainable living. Celebrate the final day of the year, basking in sunlight and encircled by friends. Get ready to dance your way into 2024, creating heartwarming memories and setting the tone for an amazing year ahead!

Daily Program
– Morning ritual:

  • Tea or smoothie
  • 2hrs session: brief lecture, meditation, breathwork followed by mindful flow & relaxing yoga class

– Brunch

– Freetime

– Optional activities

– Afternoon ritual:

  • Herbal Tea
  • 1hr session: restorative or yin yoga

– Dinner


December 28, 2023 to January 3, 2024


Tenerife, Spain
closest village: Guia de Isora

About the Island

In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife shines as a beacon of natural wonder. Similar to the diversity of Hawaii, Tenerife takes its place as the world’s second most ecologically diverse island, celebrated for its rich tapestry of climates and captivating wildlife. The island’s remarkable biodiversity owes its existence to two remarkable forces: the majestic Teide mountain, soaring to an impressive 3800 meters, and its unique position, embraced by the warmth of Africa’s latitude.

Tenerife’s enchanting landscapes weave a tale of contrasts, from the lush valleys to the rugged peaks. The Teide, Spain’s highest peak, holds not only a commanding presence but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It’s an active volcano that’s renowned not only for its raw beauty but also for its role in shaping the island’s distinct ecosystems.

As you traverse this island paradise, you’ll encounter microclimates that transform the landscape before your eyes. From the sun-kissed beaches to the misty forests, Tenerife nurtures a breathtaking array of plant and animal life. The Canarian Dragon Tree, a symbol of resilience, graces the land, while dolphins and whales gracefully navigate the azure waters surrounding the island.

Tenerife’s people are as diverse and vibrant as the land itself, sharing their rich culture through lively festivals, mouthwatering cuisine, and warm hospitality. The island’s history echoes through ancient architecture and bustling markets, inviting you to explore a living tapestry woven through the ages.

Your journey to Tenerife is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of an island that pulsates with life, invites exploration, and offers an unforgettable experience of nature’s boundless beauty.


Situated at a latitude comparable to central Florida, Tenerife resides within the subtropical belt. Often referred to as the “eternal spring island,” Tenerife boasts a warm, arid tropical climate, with winter temperatures averaging 18–24 °C (64–75 °F) and summer temperatures ranging from 24–28 °C (75–82 °F). The majority of days throughout the year bask in abundant sunshine and experience infrequent rainfall, particularly in the southern region where our retreat is set. With just around 10 days of annual rain in the southern part, our retreat promises an abundance of sun and warmth.

About our Tropical Lodge

Perched 300 meters above sea level on Tenerife’s southwest coast, our retreat venue invites you to a haven of serenity. The tropical lodge offers captivating sunrise and sunset vistas that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the island’s beauty. Embraced by vibrant and exotic flora, this oasis provides a tranquil escape from the touristy hubs. With sweeping ocean views and a breathtaking night sky, it becomes a sanctuary of peace and calm.

Guests can unwind with a rejuvenating dip in the outdoor heated pool (10m x 5m), bask in relaxation on sunbeds shaded by umbrellas, and find tranquility in inviting chill-out zones, cocooned by lush green surroundings. The practice room, nestled beneath a 200 m² greenhouse, provides an ideal space for yoga and other mindful practices.

For those embracing the digital nomad or remote work lifestyle, essential amenities are readily available. Mornings start with a fresh organic brunch, featuring handpicked vegetables and fruits sourced from the local farm. Cozy beach hut-inspired Bohemian accommodations ensure comfort and peaceful nights, completing your retreat experience.

About the teachers
Colin and Robbie:

  • Colin has been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2015. Coming from an architectural background, it was only when he began to practice yoga that he realised how disconnected he was from his body. Yet the architect in his heart was also what shaped his approach to yoga, which encourages a functional, self-expression of postures, rather than a one-size-fits-all framework. Today, Colin’s teaching draws on trainings with Joe Barnett (Yin, 2014), Yoga Wall with Martin Zilbauer (2016), Maty Ezrtay (Hatha, 2018) and many others. After attending a Gong Bath, Colin was further inspired to add the power of sound to his practice and teaching. Following a scientific methodology developed the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), Colin completed BAST’s Group Sound Healing training with Liz Cooper in 2016. Gongs are definitely his favourite instruments. In his classes, Colin is challenging yet rational, creative, and accepting. Through his Gong Baths, his use of sound therapy offers access to deeper layers, helping students transcend limitations and find greater peace.


  • Robbie is a modern-day yogi, an active seeker and adventurer who thrives on the elements of nature and connecting with other sentient beings. His yoga and spiritual journey spans more than 25 years with an abundance of influences from various healing systems and yoga traditions including ayurveda, Reiki, traditional hatha, mindful vinyasa flow (Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn and Jason Crandell), ashtanga yoga (David Swenson and Prem Carlisi), Iyengar (Maty Ezraty, Lois Steinberg, Ph.D., and Martin Zilbauer), Yin (Jo Phee) and restorative yoga. Robbie has taught more than 3,000 yoga classes, organized retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings in Belgium, as well as in other European cities. His classes combine yoga philosophy, conscious body movements, asana precision, playfulness, pranayama, concentration, and relaxation techniques designed to open the body and mind, challenge, energize, heal, and calm. He places special emphasis on creating a warm and transformative environment for students of all abilities in order to facilitate their self-inquiry and growth. Yoga has taught him that life is so much more than what we perceive through our senses and there is a loving source we can tap into to find more courage, lightness, and freedom in our everyday life. As an eternal student, Robbie continuously studies from nature, the universe, yogis, philosophers, artists and healers from all times and places of the world.

Package Contents
– 6 nights of accommodation
– 2 daily yoga sessions
– 6 hearty brunches
– Special New Year’s Eve dinner
– Morning smoothie
– Access to all property amenities, including co-working area
– Plenty of free time between classes for rest and exploration

FULL Package
– 5 delicious dinners

LITE Package
– 1 delicious dinner


Price and Package Options

Duo Package – Shared Room for 2 – LITE
Early Bird until October 31, 2023 – 1259 EUR

Regular – 1395 EUR

Duo Package – Shared Room for 2 – FULL
Early Bird until October 31, 2023 – 1395 EUR

Regular – 1495 EUR

DUO Package must book and pay together 

Solo Package – Private Room – LITE
Early Bird until October 31, 2023 – 1459 EUR

Regular – 1595 EUR
Solo Package – Private Room – FULL
Early Bird until October 31, 2023 – 1595 EUR

Regular – 1759 EUR

Payment Plan

We’re thrilled to introduce a convenient payment plan that allows you to embark on your retreat journey with ease. Our payment plan lets you break down the total cost of your chosen package into three manageable installments.

Payment Schedule:
– First Instalment (Deposit + 50 EUR): Upon booking – 550 EUR
– Second Instalment: Due by November 15 – 50% of the remaining amount according to your package
– Third Instalment: Due by December 15 – 50% of the remaining amount according to your package

How It Works:

  1. Choose either the LITE or FULL package that resonates with your desires
  2. Secure your place with the initial installment, comprising a deposit of 500 EUR plus an additional 50 EUR
  3. Prior to November 15, submit your second payment, which equals 50% of the remaining amount as per your chosen package
  4. Conclude your payment journey by settling the final installment by December 15, which also constitutes 50% of the remaining amount based on your selected package

Not Included
– Flights
– Excursions, sightseeing, and activities
– Car rental
– Optional private or small group sessions
– Extra beverages at the retreat
– Transportation to and from the retreat location

Additional Information
– Early Bird prices available until October 31, 2023

Additional info and logistics

First class
Our first official session together will be held on the morning of December 29.

Early arrival and extended stay
If you choose to arrive early or stay longer on the island, you can arrange your own accommodation nearby. There are plenty of options available.

Taxi from the Airport (TFS)

Once you arrive in Tenerife, you can take a taxi or rent a car to reach our location. The journey takes about 35 minutes from the airport. We will set up an online group before the retreat so you can team up with fellow travelers and share the taxi ride.