Playfulness, Taking Flight and Understanding our Bandhas with Joan Hyman

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Sunday November 27, 16:00 (90min)

As we go deeper in our yoga practice it is important to understand how to use our bandhas known as locks.

The bandhas help to gain control of our energetic body and direct our flow of energy creating a sense of lightness
and ease. Postures like arm balances and inversions help us to understand how to use our bandhas and manage our energy. These practices will guide us towards a pranayama practice helping us to understand how to direct Prana,
our life force into areas that are dull and need to wake up.

In this practice, Joan will unpack the mystery of the bandhas as we explore techniques that can guide you deeper into your core muscles and breath.

There will be a brief discussion before we move into a practice incorporating core exercises, arm balances, and handstands.

Open to all levels, these poses can be fun and uplifting when practiced in a safe contained environment which Joan will provide.

About Joan Hyman

Joan received her YogaWorks Certification in 2006, and took her first trip to Mysore, India, to study with the beloved Sri K. Pattihbi Jois and his grandson Sharath Rangaswamy. Since then, she has traveled extensively throughout India and has been blessed to study with several world-renowned teachers in far-off places where she has enjoyed unplugging from the Western way of living, fully embracing the yogic lifestyle and immersing herself in her practices.

Joan spent fifteen years as a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher in Los Angeles before bringing her expertise to Wanderlust as the Director of Teacher Trainings in 2016. Now, with over twenty years experience leading retreats, trainings, and international workshops, Joan continues to travel the globe leading her own signature trainings and masterclasses.

Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combined studies of the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods, as well as Ayurveda and meditation. An authentic modern-day yogi, Joan’s love and devotion show up in her practice and throughout her teaching. You will leave her class feeling transformed and deeply aligned.