Covid-19 Updates

💙 Studio & Shop Opening

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation and precautionary measures, our studios are temporarily closed. All classes and events are canceled until April 5 or further notice. We will open again as soon as possible. Due to the changing nature of this situation we cannot commit to a specific date. We’ll do everything we can to keep offering various ways to support our community during this time.

💙 Honoring Class Packages & Purchases

We will honor your class packages, purchases and extend/convert all class passes.

Students will have 2 weeks after the studio reopening to resume their class passes and claim their pass extension. This includes Discovery Pass, Antwerp Intro Pass, Monthly Unlimited, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months, 5 Class Pass, 10 Class Pass and Drop Ins. If you are unable to use your pass within the extended period you are able to purchase another 5 or 10 Class Passes and transfer the unused classes.

If you are unable to complete your Kangaroo and Koala Pass before April 19, they will be converted to a regular 5 or 10 Class Pass. Any unused classes are able to be transferred to a newly purchased 5 or 10 Class Pass.

💙 Community Support

During these life-altering moments, yoga can be a sanctuary where you digest emotions, breathe, reflect, release stress and move your body. In these challenging times we can truly remember that we only have today… and that is a precious teaching to keep close to our hearts.

We have some good news to share. Over the course of the next weeks, we’ll be offering you various class formats guided by your favourite Yyoga teachers.

Unfortunately, we cannot personally greet and hug you in our beautiful sanctuaries but all of you are here with us deep in our hearts. Let the sunshine in and love remain your guiding light.

Keep following us to learn about the latest updates. Feel free to contact us, we’re always happy to hear from you!

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

💙 Free Online Classes

Yyoga online classes from the comfort and safety of your Home!

We’re dedicated to support you through the growth of your yoga practice even if we cannot be together physically. Over the course of the next weeks, we’ll be offering you various class formats guided by your favourite Yyoga teachers. Check our website or MINDBODY to find our class schedule. There will be both Facebook Live and recorded videos available for all of our community members and their loved ones. Please note that you don’t need a Facebook account to access these classes.

Join us live or watch a recorded video to remain connected to our community and above all to your Self. It’s more crucial than ever to nurture yourself, work through your emotions, breathe, reflect, release stress, share, move your body, and remember your true essence. We might be limited physically and confined by walls but we are never separate, love keeps us connected. <3

💙 How Can I Help? Your Donations Are Welcome

We appreciate your help and welcome any donation you can afford to make in this time – all proceeds will go to supporting your teachers and our studio staff.

How to make donations?

Option 1 – Direct Donations – Credit Card 

Select the amount below

Option 2. Payconiq – Debit Card 

Download the Payconiq App, connect your debit card and scan the QR code below and choose your amount.

Click here to see how it works

Option 3. Using your Mindbody account – Credit Card 

We’ve created three specially-priced Drop-Ins for online classes:

– 5 EUR
– 10 EUR
– 20 EUR
You can purchase one or several classes.

You can do it from the Mindbody App on your smartphone (click here for tutorial) or from your computer (click here for tutorial)

Option 4. Support Other Causes

We also encourage you to support other causes in the world – as although this feels very close to home, there are many causes you can stand up for!
The organisations we have chosen to support this time are:

Dakant – Daklozenhulp Antwerpen

💙 Online Schedule