Breath Ceremony with Jan & Gunther

Yyoga Special

Saturday October 7, 15:00 (180min)

Imagine having a large pile of clothes in your room that you haven’t sorted through in a long time. As the pile keeps growing, it takes up more and more space. Eventually, it becomes overwhelming, and you may not even want to deal with it anymore. So, you push the pile into a corner and try to forget about it. But, of course, all that stuff doesn’t really disappear. It’s still there, hidden in the corner, and it begins to affect the way your room feels and looks.

Price: 65 EUR (3-hour session)

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Now, consider the stressful and difficult experiences in your life as being like those clothes in the corner. Instead of addressing these challenging emotions and stressors, we sometimes tend to push them away because they’re too overwhelming or painful. But, just like the pile of clothes, these emotions and stressors don’t truly vanish. They become trapped in our bodies and nervous systems, leaving us feeling tense and uncomfortable. This can manifest as anxiety, fatigue, or even physical illness.
By harnessing the incredible power of our breath, we can help release chronic stress and trauma, restoring balance to our systems. With the guidance of skilled therapists and the right techniques, even a single group breathing session can set us on a healing journey.

Join our Breath Ceremony to release, reset and restart
During our Breath Ceremony, we provide a safe and supportive space for your personal journey within an empowering group setting. Imagine finally opening up that metaphorical hidden corner in your room and gradually taking out the piled-up clothes, one by one, in a supportive and secure environment. Our Breath Ceremony offers precisely this experience! Just as cleaning up that neglected corner in your room makes it feel fresh and spacious again, you’ll discover that releasing stored emotions and long-held tension will leave you feeling lighter, more empowered, and fully connected to the present moment.

Our Breath Ceremony is an entire journey that takes about 3 hours. You’ll be guided through specific BBTRS® – Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release – techniques designed to release built-up tension and stress that’s been hiding in your body. It’s like having a friend who helps you sort out that pile of clothes.

We offer a safe space where you can express your feelings freely, which actually helps to let go of those emotions and stress. So, just like cleaning up your room and getting rid of those piled-up clothes, our Breath Ceremony helps you clean up your body and mind from all the stuck emotions and stress. It’s like giving yourself a fresh start and feeling more like yourself again.

Whether you’re seeking relief from daily stressors or looking to address deeper emotional challenges, we will create a safe and supportive space for you to explore, release, and reset.
No prior experience is necessary – this session is open to all, from beginners to experienced breathwork enthusiasts. Just bring your curiosity and an open heart.

1. Deep relaxation and stress relief
2. Emotional and trauma release
3. Improved mental clarity and focus
4. Physical tension release
5. Enhanced energy flow
6. Personal empowerment
7. Supportive community
8. Mind-body connection
9. Resilience building
10. Spiritual exploration

The Method of Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release® (BBTRS) is an evidence-based therapeutic technique that has its roots in Wilhelm Reich’s body-oriented therapy, Bio-Energetics by Alexander Lowen, Peter Levine’s trauma healing method, Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges and Dr. Bercelli’s Trauma Release Excercises.
It consists of thoroughly chosen specific breathing patterns, conscious movement and dance, specialised techniques of touch and bodywork as well as exercises releasing tension from inside of the body, gentle emotional release techniques, exercises in self-awareness and meditation practices. Their thoughtful combination into an integrated flow allows the release of long-held trauma from the body and mind.

Jan, originally earned a master’s degree in philosophy, which served as the foundation for his career as an account and sales manager specializing in human resource services. This role provided him with hands-on experience in understanding the inner workings and survival strategies of organizations.
Concurrently, Jan has dedicated 23 years to coaching within various organizational contexts and has also accrued a decade of expertise as a body-oriented trauma therapist.
Throughout his life, he has consistently invested in personal development. In his extensive search for healing from profound personal traumas, he encountered the efficacy of body-centered trauma therapy. This transformative discovery fundamentally altered his perspective on counseling and led to a significant improvement in his mental well-being and vitality. It was during this period that Jan experimentally developed highly effective therapeutic techniques.
Subsequent to this life-changing experience, Jan embarked on comprehensive training in various body and spiritual therapy approaches, eventually becoming a skilled trauma therapist. His life mission revolves around empowering individuals to embrace vulnerability, overcome personal barriers, and rediscover strength and love in their lives. Through this mission, he has had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals in regaining their emotional freedom.
Additionally, in his capacity as a business coach and facilitator, Jan is deeply passionate about instilling greater awareness within organizations. His aim is to enable individuals to tap into their full mental, emotional, and physical potential, thereby enhancing their overall vitality and capabilities.

Gunther is a medical doctor with a holistic perspective on life, a transformative breathing therapist, a compassionate yogi and an avid seeker of the beauty of the universe.

His passion lies in offering holistic services to his clients, seamlessly combining physical and emotional well-being practices to nurture a profound connection between mind, body, and soul.

Gunther’s transformative path began with a personal journey. At the tender age of 27, he encountered a life-altering experience when he received an unexpected diagnosis of type 1 auto-immune diabetes. This trauma exposed him to the challenging side effects of the serious disease, compelling him to witness the remarkable metamorphosis of his own body. This profound encounter ignited a passionate desire within him, propelling him on a quest to explore the realms of holistic well-being, yoga, and the more subtle aspects of existence.

Embracing the revolutionary healing modality of Biodynamic Breathwork, Gunther offers profound breathing sessions designed to stimulate the body’s natural nervous-system processes, guiding it into a more natural, organic state that allows deep tension release. His sessions are thoughtfully complemented by other techniques such as meditation, bodywork, sound, and emotional expression.

With unwavering dedication, Gunther seeks to empower individuals, guiding them towards a harmonious union of physical vitality and inner radiance. Within his serene sanctuary of House of Glow, he extends a heartfelt invitation to all, inviting them to experience a beautiful blend of outer and inner glow, as they embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being.