Embracing Love and Reconnecting with Your Heart

Breath Ceremony - Summer Edition

with Jan & Arne

Yyoga Special

Saturday June 29, 15:00 (180min)

In life, we all encounter moments of pain and heartache that cause us to build protective barriers around our hearts. These emotional defenses, while intended to shield us from further suffering, often end up compromising our ability to truly connect with ourselves and others. As our breath becomes restricted, so too do our feelings and our capacity for love.

Price: 65 EUR (3-hour session)

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Join us for our Breath Ceremony, where we will gently guide you through a transformative three-hour journey designed to help you reconnect with your heart—the true source of love. Through carefully crafted exercises and mindful practices, you will have the opportunity to release physical and emotional blockages, liberating your breath and your feelings.

This session is a safe and nurturing space for you to rediscover the joy of loving yourself, embracing others, and appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

Allow yourself to fall in love again, starting with the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. As you open your heart, you’ll find a renewed capacity to connect deeply with others and embrace the beauty in every moment.

Program highlights:

  • Group Connection: We start with our opening circle to set intentions, discuss the method, and invite healing energies.
  • Practices: Unique exercises to connect with the heart
  • Movement Meditation
  • Group Breath Circle: Harness the power of collective breathwork, journeying through resistance and moving towards the light.
  • Sharing Circle: Reflect, connect, and engage in meaningful conversations during our closing circle (sharing is optional).

Our Breath Ceremony is an entire journey that takes about 3 hours. You’ll be guided through specific BBTRS® – Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release – techniques designed to release built-up tension and stress that’s been hiding in your body.
We offer a safe space where you can express your feelings freely, which actually helps to let go of those emotions and stress. So, just like cleaning up your house and getting rid of the old, our Breath Ceremony helps you clean up your body and mind from all the stuck emotions and stress. It’s like giving yourself a fresh start and feeling more like yourself again.
Whether you’re seeking relief from daily stressors or looking to address deeper emotional challenges, we will create a safe and supportive space for you to explore, release, and reset. No prior experience is necessary – this session is open to all, from beginners to experienced breathwork enthusiasts. Just bring your curiosity and an open heart.

1. Deep relaxation and stress relief
2. Emotional and trauma release
3. Improved mental clarity and focus
4. Physical tension release
5. Enhanced energy flow
6. Personal empowerment
7. Supportive community
8. Mind-body connection
9. Resilience building
10. Spiritual exploration

The Method of Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release® (BBTRS) is an evidence-based therapeutic technique that has its roots in Wilhelm Reich’s body-oriented therapy, Bio-Energetics by Alexander Lowen, Peter Levine’s trauma healing method, Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges and Dr. Bercelli’s Trauma Release Excercises.

It consists of thoroughly chosen specific breathing patterns, conscious movement and dance, specialised techniques of touch and bodywork as well as exercises releasing tension from inside of the body, gentle emotional release techniques, exercises in self-awareness and meditation practices. Their thoughtful combination into an integrated flow allows the release of long-held trauma from the body and mind.

Jan originally earned a master’s degree in philosophy, laying the groundwork for his subsequent career as an account and sales manager specializing in human resource services. This role provided him with valuable firsthand insight into organizational dynamics and survival strategies.Simultaneously, Jan has dedicated 23 years to coaching in diverse organizational settings, alongside accruing a decade of expertise as a body-oriented trauma therapist. Throughout his life, he has remained committed to personal growth. In his quest for healing from profound traumas, he discovered the transformative power of body-centered trauma therapy. This revelation fundamentally shifted his approach to counseling, greatly improving his mental well-being and vitality.

During this transformative period, Jan developed highly effective therapeutic techniques through experimentation. Subsequently, he underwent comprehensive training in various body and spiritual therapy modalities, ultimately becoming a skilled trauma therapist. His life’s purpose centers on empowering individuals to embrace vulnerability, break through personal barriers, and rediscover strength and love in their lives. Through this mission, he has had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals in reclaiming their emotional freedom.

Moreover, as a business coach and facilitator, Jan is deeply passionate about fostering greater organizational awareness. His goal is to help individuals unlock their full mental, emotional, and physical potential, thereby enhancing their overall vitality and capabilities.

Arne Daniëls graduated as a criminologist and subsequently worked in the social sector for years. Ten years ago, he started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, and since then, he has completed numerous courses exploring the relationship between mind, body, and breathing. Thanks to his experience as a body worker, breath worker, trauma therapist, and yogi, he offers holistic support. Key words in his vision are autonomy and self-reliance. One cannot outsource healing. His focus is on teaching techniques that students can use themselves and on providing a safe space in which growth and healing can take place.